Alucard and Sailor Moon will take part in the “Magic Battle”

TV series “Magic battle” (Jujutsu Kaisen) again expands the list of characters and voice actors who will take part in the upcoming episodes. There are only two newcomers, but both are very eminent, if not cult.


May May Cotonou Mitsuishchi Misato Katsuragi in all versions of the anime “Evangelion”, Excel in the series “Excel Saga”, Usagi Tsukino in all versions of the anime “Sailor Moon”
A first-level magician who knows how to control crows.
Naobito Dzenin Zouji Nakata Kirei Kotomine in the series “Fate: Zero” and other parts of the franchise, Alucard in the series “Hellsing”
26th head of the Zenin family.

“You are strong, so help people,” – the words that his grandfather said to high school student Yuji Itadori before his death. But the old man had no idea what future awaited his grandson. After the death of his grandfather, the guy meets the shaman Megumi Fushiguro, who is looking for a cursed amulet. A dangerous thing turns out to be in the school club of occult research, in which Yuji is, and the young man’s friends open the amulet, attracting supernatural beings – curses to the school. When things get really bad, Yuji, who has no magical powers, swallows the amulet to gain supernatural powers and help Megumi and friends escape from the monsters. To the shaman’s surprise, Yuji does not die, but becomes the master of the powerful curse of Sukuna. The shamans decide to use Yuji with Sukuna inside to fight the curses.


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