Among the finished works I’ve seen so far, I recommend the animation that I think was well made.jpg

One of the many animations I’ve seen A work that completely concluded the story with animation. I’m going to recommend some of the funniest things I’ve seen!

I’ll keep the introduction/evaluation short without spoilers! It’s personal to the end and there are many things I haven’t seen, so there may be some good works for other people and some bad works for other people ㅜㅜ

death note

Genre: Psychology

The brain battle between Light Yagami and L, a rare rival in the anime, is really fun. It shows a tense development through a material called a death note that can cause the person who writes the name to die. As it became an animation, I felt that some of the scenes were really well directed. The second half was a bit disappointing, but the first half had a huge impact.


in the new world

Genre: Sci-Fi/Mystery

It is an animation based on the original, which boasts an excellent story with a surprising twist in the elements, and the quality is somewhat inferior and the original is very well preserved. The story is solid and gives you something to think about. However, since the original novel has a static atmosphere as general literature, it can be a bit boring. The first part of throwing rice cakes is the most difficult. However, it is a work that gives a huge shock in the second half when the rice cakes that were thrown are recovered.


Magical Girl Madoka Magica

Genre: Magical Girl/Fantasy

A very dark and serious animation with a twist on the cliché of a magical girl. Shaft’s unique directing is fresh, blends well with the anime, and has a very solid storyline. The development is quite shocking, and despite the cute picture, it is terrifying. It’s a magical girl anime, but it’s a little cocky to show to elementary school students.


Thousand Breakthrough Gurren Lagann

Genre: Mecha/Passionate

A hot-blooded masterpiece that gave birth to many famous lines and scenes. An animation that deals with philosophical themes in the story rather than being childish as a hot-blooded person.



Fate series

Genre: Fantasy/Action/Romance (except Fate Zero)

The Fate series is an anime that people who are interested in Fate’s worldview setting (Holy Grail War, a Servant with a hero or a great person in the background, etc.) will fall in love with it. share the same advantages. Fate Zero and Fate Stay Night UBW made by U-Potable are produced by the production company, so the action production and quality are amazing. Fate Zero has a hard-boiled and serious story and action, and UBW has a boyish comic style development. Although the 2006 version of Fate Stay Night (Studio Dinpan, Saber Route) was of poor quality, it was treated as a black history, but I found the music to be the most beautiful and, above all, the romance of the main character, so I was immersed in it.



Genre: Romance/Family

It is a heartwarming animation with the theme of family love, and although this type of animation will vary a lot depending on a person’s sensibility and taste, personally, he seemed to understand well why the tear gas animation is famous. I’m not the type to cry, but in some scenes, I was moved to the point where tears really flowed down my face.


Memories of the Wind’s Swordsman

Genre: Period/Action/Romance

An animation based on an episode of Memories of the Swordsman of the Wind, a boy’s cartoon (Kenshin’s past, first love story), which is completely different from the original, and has a realistic and dark direction. It consists of a total of 4 episodes as an OVA, so you can think of it as watching a movie that is roughly 1 hour and 30 minutes long. The dark and calm atmosphere and the directing that beautifully expresses the emotions of the characters stand out, and the story is sad and mournful. I thought it was a really well made animation.


Fullmetal Alchemist FA

Genre: Fantasy/Action

It’s like the royal road to a boy’s cartoon, and I think it’s the highest level of perfection among boys’ comics I’ve personally seen so far. A carefully crafted storyline, unique and attractive characters, Bones’ unique action, the spiritual growth of the characters and lessons learned from him, philosophical themes, moving stories, gems, etc. animation. This is my personal favorite anime.


cowboy bebop

Genre: Sci-Fi/Noir

Cowboy Bebop tells the story of characters from the past on the Bebop. It is an omnibus animation, and the unique direction and BGM are really good works, and the ending of the animation itself is very emotional. An emotional animation that feels like an iPhone in terms of a mobile phone.


91 days

Genre: Noir

The point of this animation is the tension in the relationship between the two characters, who can never be friendly as a noir film about the friendship between two men. A well-made noir with a lingering ending.


April is your lies

Genre: Music/Romance

An animation of lyrical lines, beautiful music, beautiful drawings and a sad story. Basically, I think the animation itself is beautiful. If it suits your taste, you can immerse yourself in the animation and feel the deep afterglow.


steins gate

Genre: Sci-Fi/Mystery

It is a sci-fi water that repeats the reversal of the reversal of rice cakes, and the time warp as a subject matter is a stimulating and shocking development that draws people who see it. It’s an anime with a bit of resistance, but the story is so good that even the lines with resistance to magic look a bit cool if you go back later. And towards the second half, the directing is no joke. There is also a lot of aftertaste.


Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion

Genre: Mecha/Psychological

It’s a mecha, but it’s more like a death note than a mecha-like animation. Death Note If the main character’s weapon is the Death Note, the protagonist in this work has a geass that can give a command that can’t be resisted just once if he makes eye contact and gives an order. However, unlike the Death Note, human emotions such as love and friendship of the protagonist Lelouch are very important elements in the story, and for that reason, it is a highly immersive work. As funny as it is, it’s a bit over-developed and, to say the least, it’s a blast, but if it suits your taste, episode 50 is straightforward.


We still don’t know the name of the flower we saw that day

Genre: Romance/Friendship

It is a moving animation that moves the heart a lot when you see it when the sensitivity is rich as the story progresses as the protagonist returns to the main character as a ghost and grants her wish. In particular, the secret base used as the ending song fits this animation very well, so the emotion seems to be doubled. However, when the sensitivity is dry, it can be a little cramped.


Neon Genesis Evangelion

Genre: sci-fi

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a legend of Japanese animation, and it is a work that can be quite divided into likes and dislikes. If I had to pick an animation that had a great story structure and was personally well directed, I think this would be the best. The directing, dotted with all kinds of metaphors and homage, makes the story and characters’ emotional lines more intensely immersed. I watched this anime when I was in middle school and when I was sensitive, I think I enjoyed it more, but I think it’s better to watch it when I’m a little older and I can better understand the emotions of the characters. This anime is really shocking, bizarre, creepy, and eerie, and people like it or dislike it, but that’s the charm of this anime from the perspective of people who like it. Even though it doesn’t look like that, it is a hopeful animation as far as the theme it contains.


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