An Attack on Titan cosplayer is IDENTICAL to Levi

That’s how faithful Levi’s cosplay is made by a cosplayer, who is identical to the character from Attack on Titan.

The cosplay world it’s getting more and more amazing. People are working harder and harder when it comes to making outfits that are as faithful as possible to their favorite characters in movies, series, video games, comics … Among them we find professional people who profit a lot from the world of cosplay, which is why a new copyright law for cosplay has been drafted in Japan.

For some time now we have come across fans who have made impressive costumes of their favorite characters from the Anime seriesTaking as a more recent example the perfect cosplay of Misa Amane in Death Note. But the next cosplayer is even more shocking.

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Through his Instagram account, cosplayer yuuji1127 has shown a photo of him characterized as Levi, very important character in the Attack on Titan series (Shingeki no Kyojin). The result is nailed to the character.

The reception of the people has not been long in coming and the cosplayer identical to Levi from Attack on Titan He has garnered more than 20,500 likes in his post, praising how well his characterization is. But he is not the only character who has cosplayed, because on his Instagram account we can find other characters as cool as Shesshômaru from Inuyasha or Shinichi Kudô from Detective Conan, among many others.

Currently the anime Attack on Titan is on everyone’s lips due to the launch of the first part of its final season, which can be enjoyed in simulcast through Selecta Vision, where things get very intense with Eren Jaeger and the war that is being fought at the moment, showing some of the most surprising twists.

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What did you think of the cosplay de Levi made by this fan?

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