an Elizabeth cosplay is ready to serve you at the Boar Hat

The journey of The Seven Deadly Sins it formally begins when Meliodas and Elizabeth meet at the Boar Hat. The Princess of Liones was determined to save her kingdom, even at the cost of gathering the legendary hunters of the seven deadly sins, and Meliodas was one of them. From that point on, the two traveled together.

Consequently Elizabeth, a princess, she also found herself serving as a waitress at the Boar Hat, the traveling tavern run by Meliodas and placed on Hawk’s mother’s back. Usually dressed in a pink dress and a blue skirt, with a stocking worn only on one thigh, the cheerful princess will wander around the place serving beer.

The Russian cosplayer Myouchikurinx took on the role of the princess and decided to immerse herself in the maid version. The cosplay di Elizabeth Liones da The Seven Deadly Sins visible in the two photos below is then ready to serve you with a nice mug of beer. The main details of the character, from the dress to the long white hair, seem to have all been centered, what do you think?

We won’t see Elizabeth again in other seasons of The Seven Deadly Sins, with the latest story of the seven sins being the movie Cursed by Light.

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