an explosive Meiko Shiraki cosplay created by Elizabeth Rage

At the Hachimitsu Academy, for a long time the rules imposed a presence of students, completely excluding the boys. But when the manga of Kangoku Gakuen, aka Prison School, begins, the rules change and finally the school also admits male students. This initially looks like a paradise for the quintet of protagonists.

Too bad, however, that all this quickly becomes hell due to the regulation imposed by the secret student council. The days of the protagonists of Prison School they are alternated between lectures behind bars and hard labor, under the watchful eye of vice president Meiko Shiraki. The girl shows a slender but very curvilinear female figure, especially on the breasts and hips, which make her one of the most beautiful girls in the academy.

However, she will also prove to be bad and sadistic towards males, destroying them even with her physical strength. Meiko Shiraki has now come to life with a cosplay, created by model Elizabeth Rage. As you can see in the photo below, the cosplayer has taken up the famous Hachimitsu academy clothes consisting of the white blouse, the beige vest and a very short red and brown skirt. All this brings out the physicist of this Meiko Shiraki which has already won over 20,000 fans. What do you think of it?

Shadory also created her own sexy cosplay of Meiko Shiraki, followed by the very provocative Meiko Shiraki of Lada Lumyos.

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