An interview with Go Nagai, the original story of the TV anime “Getter Robo Arc”, has arrived! Talking about the 1970s, which continued to produce hits, and manga artist Ken Ishikawa!

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Robot work series “Getter Robo Saga” including “Getter Robo” by Go Nagai and Ken Ishikawa, which was serialized in 1974. The latest TV anime “Getter Robo Ark” based on the final chapter “Getter Robo Ark” will be broadcast from 21:00 on July 4, 2021 (Sun).

On this occasion,An interview with Go Nagai, who is listed with Ken Ishikawa as the original, arrives ahead of the animation broadcast on July 4th.Did!

In the 1970s, hit works by Go Nagai were produced one after another in different genres such as “Devilman”, “Mazinger Z”, “Dororon Enma-kun”, and “Cutie Honey”. “Getter Robo” was started as a work with a new concept of a united robot. “I like the characters moving and I’m good at directing actions. I always felt his talent.” The characters and stories that Nagai talks about, entrusting the manga serialization to his ally, Ken Ishikawa, continue to capture the hearts of many fans.

Go Nagai tells the story behind the birth of “Getter Robo”, which was created while worrying about it!

An interview with Go Nagai, who commemorates the start of the broadcast, talks about the time! Go Nagai talks about the 1970s, which continued to produce hits, and manga artist Ken Ishikawa!

■ Around the time of “Getter Robo”, where I worked less sleep

–“Devilman” and “Mazinger Z” started in 1972, “Dororon Enma-kun” and “Cutie Honey” in 1973, “Getter Robo” in 1974, and “Steel Jeeg” in 1975. The amount of work is murderous.

Nagai Thanks to the high audience rating of “Mazinger Z”, we received requests one after another. It’s amazing, isn’t it? I still can’t believe it (laughs). The number of serializations has increased, and the burden of manga work and myself has increased. I was able to do that well …

――In the midst of such a busy schedule, the “Getter Robo” project will be launched.

The Nagai project itself started with a talk between Toei Animation (currently Toei Animation) producer Ken Ariga and dynamic project Takashi Nagai. He (Takashi Nagai) is a business person (laughs), so in anticipation of the development of toys. “There are three protagonists!” That was a good feeling for Mr. Ariga. So I was told, “I’m going to do this kind of project,” but when I heard that “the three machines were united and transformed, and each had a different shape,” I wondered, “What is this guy saying?” You did (laughs). However, Toei Animation was crazy about it, saying, “I think it will be a program soon, so please do it.” In such a state, “Getter Robo” started.

–Mr. Ken Ishikawa will be in charge of the manga.

Nagai When it seemed like the anime was going to be planned, there was a story saying, “If the serialization isn’t decided, the final decision won’t come out.” In any case, I think it’s impossible to serialize because I have “Mazinger Z”. That’s why Ishikawa (Ken) was included in the design at the planning stage, so I said to Takashi, “I have to ask Ishikawa to do it,” and said, “Then I’ll try to convince you.” ..

――It seems that Getter Robo was designed by Mr. Ishikawa for Getter 1 and Mr. Nagai for Getter 2 and Getter 3.

Nagai Yes. Getter 1 was ready soon, but Ishikawa said, “I can’t make the rest.” I said, “I made one, so make it all,” but I’ve been doing it endlessly, “I can’t make it, I can’t make it …” (laughs). So I drew it on the spot. Then Ishikawa was surprised, “Well, it’s early” (laughs). Ishikawa seriously thinks about whether or not it can be combined well in reality, but he said, “Animation is a lie, so you don’t have to think about it. Even if it doesn’t match, you can mess with the picture.”

–Then, “Getter Robo” by Professor Ishikawa will start.

Nagai Ishikawa-chan can draw pictures that are close to me, and is good at directing action scenes. That’s why I said, “Because robot action is the same (with humans). I can do it because I’m good at it,” but Ishikawa-chan said, “Personal setting is not suitable for me” … (laughs). Originally, the setting of the captain of the soccer club was decided. However, he said, “I don’t understand soccer at all …” and said, “You can change it as you like. If the main character’s name and robot are the same, then do it in the Ishikawa style.” I was enthusiastic about drawing the Shonen Sunday editorial department with Ishikawa-chan. Because I had a track record of serializing “Fuma Kotaro”. That’s why I decided smoothly that I wanted to go with Ishikawa-chan, but he was the most worried (laughs).

■ Ken Ishikawa, a cartoonist

–What kind of manga artist was Mr. Ishikawa from the perspective of Mr. Nagai?

Nagai is dexterous and the brush is fast. Perhaps because I had a lot of characters drawn all the time, I was really good at mobscene. I had to bother to make and draw mobscenes myself. Anyway, I like the characters moving, and I’m good at directing actions. I always felt his talent.

――What kind of chemical reaction do you think happened when Professor Ishikawa drew “Getter Robo”?

Nagai I think that Ken Ishikawa was firmly recognized as a manga artist by editors and other publishers. Until then, even if I did serialization and one-shot, I didn’t feel that I was able to establish myself as a Manga family. The name appeared on TV in “Getter”, and I think that each publisher firmly recognized that “Ken Ishikawa, a manga artist different from Go Nagai,”.

–“Getter Robo” and “Getter Robo G” will be followed by “Getter Robo Go” (serialized in February 1991).

Nagai It was like “‘Getter’ is Ishikawa-chan”, and I left the basics to you all the time. At the time of “Getter Robo Go”, I did only the character draft, but I hope that Ishikawa-chan will continue to advance the manga of “Getter”. I’m glad he made various new settings and the enemy thought about more and more interesting things in the Ishikawa style.

–Please tell us your expectations for the anime “Getter Robo Ark”.

Nagai When I was shown the preview video, I was very happy that Ken Ishikawa’s character was definitely moving. The best feeling is that I wanted to show this to myself. I wonder how happy I was. If this becomes the main story, I think I can see it while remembering Ken Ishikawa. I hope the fans will enjoy watching it.

“Getter Robo Ark” will start broadcasting “AT-X” every Sunday at 21:00 and others from July 4, 2021.

One week left until the start of broadcasting! A countdown PV using the main video is being developed on official Twitter every day at 12:00!
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■ About “Getter Robo Ark”

“Getter Robo Arc” is the final work of “Getter Robo Saga” including “Getter Robo”. “Getter Robo Saga” is a general term for “Getter Robo” works that start with “Getter Robo”, and “Getter Robo”, which is the origin, established the monument of the coalescing transformation robot, and after that, the soul of “merging transformation” in numerous works. Is inherited. The “Getter Robo” series continued to be drawn as “Getter Robo G” (1975-), “Getter Robo Go” (1991-), and “Shin Getter Robo” (1997-), and in 2001, Futabasha’s Action Pizzas special edition “Super Robot Magazine” Was serialized in “Getter Robo Arc”. After that, Ken Ishikawa died suddenly. Both “Getter Robo Arc” and “Getter Robo Saga” have become unfinished masterpieces.

In the animation produced this time, Jun Kawagoe, who worked on works such as “Shin Getter Robo vs. Neo Getter Robo” and “New Getter Robo”, will be the director, and the animation will be produced by Bee Media of the OVA “Getter Robo” series and “Armored Girl Senki”. studioA-CAT is in charge. We will create a spectacular work by reflecting the characteristics of the original more strongly. In addition, Yuma Uchida will play the role of Takuma Ryu, the main character on board the new Getter Robo, Yuma Uchida will play the role of Kamui Show, and Kazuhiro Sunseki will play the role of Kazuhiro Sunseki. In addition, Hayato Jin will be played by Naoya Uchida, who also played the role in the “Getter Robo” series, including “Shin (Change !!) Getter Robo World’s Last Day” (1998-). In addition, JAM Project’s new song “Bloodlines ~ Fateful Pedigree ~” will be in charge of the opening theme of this work and will liven up the world of this work. 47 years have passed since the series was born. The screaming “hot soul” of “Getter Robo” breaks through the blockage and chaos of Reiwa.

Anime “Getter Robo Ark” will start broadcasting “AT-X” every Sunday at 21:00 and others from July 4, 2021.

■ Cast:
Ryu Takuma: Yuma Uchida
Kamui Show: Maru Mukai
Yamagishi: Kazuhiro Sunseki
Hayato Jin: Naoya Uchida

■ Staff
Planning: Dynamic planning
Original: Go Nagai, Ken Ishikawa
Director: Jun Kawagoe
Composition・Script: Masa Hayakawa
Character concept: Kazuya Hoshi
Character design: Hideyuki Motohashi
Robot Concept Design: Toshiyuki Horii
Prop mechanical design: Goichi Iwahata / Yasuhiro Moriki / Noritaka Suzuki
Art Director: Daisuke Negishi
Art setting: Katsuhisa Takiguchi
CGI Director & CG Design: Yuichi Goto
Sound Director: Toru Nakano
Music: Yoshichika Kuriyama / Shiho Terada
Music production: Lantis
Theme song: JAM Project
Animation production: Bee ・ Media × studio A-CAT
Production: Masao Otome Institute

[Broadcast / Distribution Information]

■ Broadcast information
AT-X From July 4th Every Sunday 21: 00- * Episode 1 Free Broadcast / Repeat Broadcast: Every Wednesday 28: 30-Every Sunday 6: 00-
TOKYO MX From July 4th Every Sunday from 23:00
BS SKY PerfecTV! Every Monday from 23:30 onwards * Free broadcast / Repeat broadcast: Every Sunday 24:30 ~ * Free broadcast
BS11 From July 6th Every Tuesday 24: 30-
* Broadcast dates and times are subject to change without notice.

■ Delivery information
Special advance delivery from 23:30 on Sunday, July 4, 2021
Bandai Channel, Hulu
From Monday, July 5, 2021 Every Monday from 23:30
SKY PerfecTV! On Demand
* Simultaneous delivery of BS SKY PerfecTV!
* Simultaneous delivery of repeat broadcasts is also available.
Distribution will start from 12:00 on Saturday, July 10, 2021.
Amazon Prime Video / Animehodai / d Anime Store / dTV / Netflix / Hikari TV / U-NEXT
Delivery will start sequentially from 23:30 on Sunday, July 4, 2021.
Prime Video (rental target) / GYAO! Store / TSUTAYA TV /
Nico Nico Channel * After the second episode, you can watch it for free for one week from 23:00 every Sunday after the end of Nico Nico Live Broadcasting.
HAPPY Video / Bandai Channel / Hikari TV / Video Market / / Movie Full / Rakuten TV
Distribution will start from 12:00 on Saturday, July 10, 2021.
GYAO! / Nico Nico Live Broadcasting
* The delivery start schedule, delivery period, and delivery price may differ depending on the delivery service. For details, please check the delivery service we handle.

© Go Nagai / Ken Ishikawa / Dynamic Planning / Masao Otome Institute

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