Anères: a village that stands out from the rest

Anères, a Pyrenean village that has stood the test of time. And which keeps with the association “Remue-Méninges” which animates it the sense of popular traditions, ancestral culture and conviviality.

Its history: On August 22, 1998, the Remue-Méninges association invited the Ciné-Bastringue association to the Café du Village for the screening of one of the burlesque masterpieces: The Navigator cruise by Buster Keaton. From this successful session with a hundred spectators was born for the following years the “Festival of Anères” As for the “22” it was enough to parody the sketch “Le 22 à Asnières” by humorist Fernand Raynaud by transforming it into “22 in Anères” and making it the lucky date for association events. Over the years, some have become essential: Pele-porc in January – Bread festival in April – Apple festival in October… But the jewel remains in May with the silent film festival that can be heard! Each session systematically offers live musical accompaniment on silent films with professional musicians. The goal is to make each screening a unique event.

Pandemic obliges! All these activities are on hiatus, however, community life does not stop for Remue-Méninges who continues to dream of a year 2021 still full of shows and festivities! “We are cleaning, tidying up, giving the Café a facelift to welcome you in the best possible conditions when the time comes”, they say. The functioning of the association is collegial, that is to say that the statutes do not define either president, treasurer or secretary as widely permitted by law 1901. An organization which induces equality between all the members of the council of administration and horizontal decision-making.

After the 22nd here is the 23rd in Anères!

A unique project is emerging for the village. The old retirement home with 2,000 m2 of living space and 14,000 m2 of land awaits a new destiny. A feasibility study carried out by the Hab-Fab scic of Montpellier recommends the creation of a Cooperative Society of Collective Interest. This set of buildings to be rehabilitated could be transformed into housing, business premises and common premises and the 14,000 m2 of land could accommodate vegetable gardens, relaxation gardens, play areas and orchards or even build a few reversible dwellings there. Its inhabitants will be cooperators involved with user rights or rental contracts. To move forward in this participatory project, a foreshadowing association is being set up. If you are tempted, if you want information, to be involved in these new creative and united possibilities, a videoconference is scheduled for Thursday, February 11 at 6 p.m.

The “23 in Anères” project

The study of the rehabilitation of the retirement home in a few data. The legal and economic arrangement offers several possibilities to get involved: Occupy a home that you have designed – Reside on an ad hoc basis – Work and occupy a dedicated or shared room – Place your availability in the SCIC (tax advantage or small remuneration). A schedule for carrying out the project by phase is also recommended with details of the structures concerned:

1) The end and the chapel: About 350 m2 SHAB in R + 1 for 5 apartments, a shared office and common areas. This first phase also provides for the rehabilitation of the chapel, open to the street and intended for various uses. During this phase all the structural works of the site will be carried out: phyto-purification, networks, parking lots.

2) The dormitory in the center of the complex: About 700 m2 of SHAB in R +2; easily divisible according to the needs of the inhabitants or the users of the activity premises.

3) The village house: 19th century building with a courtyard overlooking the street of 700 m2 in R +2 to be divided into housing, business premises and common areas according to the needs to be identified by the future inhabitants.

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