‘Anifang 2’celebrates 7th anniversary of service, Remaster 2.0… Complete graphic overhaul

SundayToz (CEO Kim Jeong-seop) announced on the 24th that it released the Remaster 2.0 version in celebration of the 7th anniversary of the service of the mobile puzzle game’Anipang 2′.

SundayToz said, “Through the remastered version 2.0 of’Anipang 2′, the graphics and design elements of the game that have been used for 7 years have been completely reorganized.” “The resolution and design optimization was achieved by using the entire screen of a mobile device as a game screen.” Explained.

According to SundayToz, with this update, the vertical width of up to 4cm will be additionally used depending on the mobile phone model. It is explained that the upper and lower edges of the device can be used as a game screen, adding visual fun and touch. Along with the enlargement of the screen, the convenience of intuitive operation for selecting a stage and menu, and various animations, etc., were also introduced.

SundayToz also organized an event in celebration of the 7th anniversary of’Ani Pang 2’service. The’Turn Around’ event, which presents various popular items, will be held until the 28th. During the same period, 107 customers who purchase Ruby will be drawn to give prizes such as clothes manager, robot vacuum cleaner, and beauty equipment. From the 25th to the 3rd of next month, the’Attendance Department Event’ is also held.

‘Anipang 2’is a mobile puzzle game released on January 14, 2014. It gained great popularity in the domestic app market at the beginning of its release, and has recorded more than 18 million cumulative downloads so far. It offers 290 episodes and 5800 stages in two seasons.

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