Animated Simpsons family writer died of corona 19 complications

Mark Wilmore, 57, who was known as the author of the popular American animation “The Simpsons,” died on the 30th of last month due to complications of a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19), The New York Times reported on the 1st (local time).

Wilmore’s brother and TV show host Larry said on Twitter that “my beloved younger brother died last night after fighting Corona 19 and the chronic diseases that have made him suffer for years.”

Larry explained that Wilmore was diagnosed with Corona 19 about a week before his death.

“There was a health problem with his brother’s kidney transplant surgery in the 1990s. Because of this, he was very vulnerable from complications when he got Corona 19,” Larry said.

Wilmore began his career as a writer for the popular comedian’In Living Color’, which aired in the United States since 1990, and was in charge of the script for NBC’s signature talk show’Tonight Show’.

In 2000, he joined the famous animation Simpson Family and won the 2008 Emmy Award.

His latest film is’F is for Family’, which is airing on Netflix.

Mike Rice, the author and producer of the Simpsons, said, “It’s great in the script, and very fun when we’re together. He was one of the warmest colleagues I’ve worked with.”

Animation'The Simpsons' author dies of corona 19 complications

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