Animation ‘Bread Barbershop Season 2’, Netflix Korea Kids Category 1st, North America Top 9 Records

The Gwangju Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency (Director Yong-seok Tak) announced on the 7th that the animation ‘Bread Barbershop Season 2’ produced by Monster Studio (CEO Jung Ji-hwan), an animation production company, ranked first in the Korean kids category and top 9 in the North American kids category at the same time as the Netflix launch. said.

The ‘Bread Barbershop’ series of ‘Monster Studios’, which was released to the world through Netflix in August of last year, showed results in the top 10 in the world’s most popular TV shows on Netflix within 14 days of its release.

Bread Barbershop aired season 2 last year, starting with the first launch of TV animation season 1 in 2019 through ‘Computer Graphics (CG) Utilization Project Production Support’ and Daekyo Investment of the Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Agency. Season 3 will be released on KBS1 in time for Christmas at the end of this year.

From the second half of the year, in order to expand the global content market following Netflix, it will also be aired on Globo, the largest media group in Brazil, RTV, the number one kids channel in Indonesia, and Viu TV, the number one channel for kids in Hong Kong.

Monster Studio’s recently released new ‘Cherry Toon’ is also producing good results. Cherry Toon is a content created with the aim of entering the online video service (OTT) market, and currently has over 200,000 YouTube subscribers. It is a content that has 2.4 million TikTok followers.

Cherry Toon started its service by producing video comics based on material that women in their 10s and 20s can relate to, and is focusing on expanding its licensing business, such as publications and products, as a TV series is scheduled to be aired in April next year.

CEO Jeong Ji-hwan said, “‘Bread Barbershop’ is loved by people all over the world beyond Gwangju and Korea. We are preparing to take a splendid leap forward so that you can enjoy the movie,” he said.

Gwangju = Reporter Hansik Kim [email protected]


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