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There are dozens of late-night anime in one course, so it’s hard to say that you’ll watch them all. I apologize for the personal story from the beginning, but the decisive factor in continuing to watch it is “the change in the relationship between the main characters”.

People who had no interaction with each other deepened through the event, and the way they were called changed. And then, friendship and love will grow, and more events will occur.SSSS.DYNAZENONThe relationship between Yomoyume (Yomogi Asanaka and Yume Minami) from ” was the best. It’s been about a year since such a work. In addition, an anime that is curious about the development of relationships has appeared.

That is “Lycoris Recoil” (commonly known as Licorice).

“Lycoris Recoil” is an animator known for “Sword Art Online” and “WORKING!!”Adachi ShingoThis is the first film directed by , and it’s a daily story about high school girls who handle firearms (they don’t have resident cards!).

Manga”This art club has a problem!』Author・Imigimuruis in charge of the character design, and while it is fetish, it also has a tense depiction of action.A-1 PicturesIt is an exquisite original animation of the production.What I would like to pay particular attention to in this work is the main character.Senzoku Nishiki(Nishikigi Chisato) andTakina Inoueis the relationship between

Chika Anzai and Shion Wakayama, voice actors who are attractive for their “raw” acting, will make the characters more attractive. That is the tense story led by Director Adachi,Yuusuke MaruyamaThe directing side that the sub-directors are pulling is going to be more vivid.

That’s why, this time, I’d like to delve deeper into “Lycoris Recoil”, which is wonderful for its relationship and the production aspect (including layout) that draws you into the screen at a glance.

Text: Yoshiki Ota (TARKUS) Editing: Yuta Onda

A voice actor with a “raw” performance that shines in “Ricoriko”

TV anime “Lycorice Recoil”

DA (Direct Attack) is an organization that works behind the scenes to prevent crime. Agent (Licorice) who belonged there, Takina Inoue (CV: Shion Wakayama), was accused of violating her orders and was sent to her branch, Cafe Rico Rico. At first glance, it looks like a Japanese-style cafe, but it’s actually a branch of DA. Together with her senior Senzoku Nishikigi (CV: Chika Anzai), she will be sent to various requests.

As for the setting of “Lycoris Recoil”, it’s an action scene in which the smell of gunpowder spreads. However, there is Director Adachi who was involved in “WORKING!!”. It mainly depicts the process of deepening exchanges with Senzoku, a genius with a free-spirited personality, who does not open up much because of her rational personality.

Chika Anzai and Shion Wakayama, who play these two characters, co-starred in the previously mentioned “SSSS.DYNAZENON”. The former is “Sound! Euphonium” (played by Reina Kosaka), and the latter, “The One Who Knows the Blueness of the Sky” (played by Aoi Aioi) also left a vivid impression on the audience, but the realism of these two works was a kind of selling point. .

However, “Lycoris Recoil” is mainly Moe illustrations of Imigamiru. Some people may think that it is a bit of a mismatch to focus on the “rawness” that can be said to be the two’s weapon (Imigimiru’s work “This art club has a problem!” approach was taken).

Senzoku Nishiki (CV: Chika Anzai). She is actually the strongest licorice of all time, and the self-proclaimed signboard girl of Lico Rico, a café that welcomes Takina.

Takina Inoue (CV: Shion Wakayama). To her café Lico Rico, held responsible for her failed mission. She is rational and hates waste, and she can be frustrated with Senzoku at first.

However, by breathing life into these two characters,Rather than just being in fiction, the image of the character who has feet on the ground has been established with realistic acting. It succeeds in giving persuasive power to the stage setting, which can be said to be absurd. Japan in the near future where crime has drastically decreased due to DA. I feel that the voices of Chika Anzai and Shion Wakayama play a role in conveying this.

According to an interview with director Adachi, which was released earlier, in the early stages of planning, it was decided that the girl would fight with a gun.External link). However, it seems that the content was serious, and after thinking about what to do not to conflict with the previous work “GUNSLINGER GIRL” and director Koichi Mashimo’s works, it became a positive work.

In addition, I didn’t push the military aspect, but focused on how two different types of girls, Senzoku and Takina, become friends. Of course, even if there is a setting of DA that is ironic about the recent social situation that is about to become a surveillance society, as a viewer, it is a work that can be said that “Senzoku and Takina are cute!”

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