Animation Saved a Theater in Corona 19 Crisis

Animation 3 saved by a theater in crisis in Corona 19[사진=각 영화 포스터]

With Corona 19, the film industry is in a dark age. In January, the number of daily audiences fell to 10,000, and suffered difficulties. Among these, animations such as the Disney Pixar animation’Soul’ and’The Blade of Demon Extinction’ and’Detective Conan’ are helping the audience to revitalize the theater.


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According to the Integrated Computer Network of the Film Promotion Committee on the 1st, a total of 474,175 people visited the theater last weekend (January 29-31). The number of audiences increased by 70,000 from the previous week. The animation was great.

The animation’Soul’, which was released on the 20th of last month, started from Pixar’s fun imagination that souls with their own personalities are born on Earth in’The World Before Born’, and’Jo’ became a soul through an unexpected accident. This is a movie about a special adventure in which the soul ’22’, who does not want to go to the earth, leaves together.

The spectacular adventure unfolded by the passionate musician’Jo’ and the cynical soul ’22’, and the delightful chemistry that originated from the play and the pole inclinations also caused endless laughter, captivating the hearts of the audience at once.

Here, a number of characters full of personality appear, including counselors’Jerry’ and’Terry’ of’The World Before Birth’, and’Mr. It was released on the 20th and exceeded 500,000 viewers in 8 days. Considering the time of the coronavirus, it is a significant record that’Tennet’, which was released in August of last year, exceeded 500,000 viewers in 4 days, and is the fastest record among foreign films. . The cumulative number of spectators currently (based on Youngjin Committee on the 1st) is 875,000.

If’Soul’ is gaining popularity, the’blade of demonic extinction’ and’Detective Conan’ have earned enthusiastic support from enthusiasts and are keeping the top ranks in the box office.

‘Sword of Demon Extinction’, which was released on the 27th of last month, is cruising with a cumulative 200,000 spectators in 5 days until the 31st. It is a topical work that surpassed Hayao Miyazaki’s anime “Sen and Chihiro’s Missing Away” (31.6 billion yen), which was the number one box office hit in the history of Corona 19 in Japan last year, and recorded the highest box office income (32.4 billion yen) in 19 years.

In Korea, it was first released on the screens of 300 Megaboxes among multiplexes on the 27th, ranking second on the weekend. The seat sales rate (17.4%) for three days on weekends is higher than that of’Soul’ (10.4%). If the screenings are expanded to other theaters such as CGV and Lotte Cinema from the 3rd, it is also possible that the box office ranking will run in reverse.

The original “blade of demonic extinction” is a cartoon serialized in Japan’s “Weekly Boy Jump” from February 2016 to May last year. It tells the story of a boy who lost his family to a blood-gwi who eats people, and joins the secret organization Gwisal Corps against the blood-gwi. As it was produced and broadcast as a TV animation series in 2019, its popularity and popularity increased. In particular, the movie version was very popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong as well as Japanese box offices as the last episode of the TV series and the story continued.

The popular animation “Detective Conan: Crimson’s School Trip” was also released on the 27th, gathering 22,000 audiences for three days and ranking fourth in the box office, helping the animation strength.

The animation’Detective Conan’ is a traditional Japanese animation series that has been loved for over 20 years. This’Detective Conan: Crimson’s School Trip’ is a case where a special edition that was released on Japanese TV last year was released in Korea.

The appearance of high school students Mori Ran and Kudo Shinichi, not the little detective Conan, is an element that animation fans cannot miss. It is a work that raised the expectations of fans even before the release. Initially preparing for the release last year, it was also postponed due to Corona 19, and only met the audience on the 27th of last month. With a cumulative audience of 9096, it was ranked 4th in the domestic box office.

Amid the slump in theaters due to Corona 19, animations are not unusual. Even after opening, the three works are still getting hot reactions, with the reservation rate exceeding 61%. Interest is focused on whether it will be able to support the audience in February as well.


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