Animation’Joe, Tigers and Fishes’, OST with added freshness… EVE participation

[엑스포츠뉴스 김유진 기자] The animation “Joe, the Tigers and the Fishes” (director Kotaro Tamura) was released today (31st), adding a freshness with the OST of singer-songwriter EVE.

‘José, Tigers and Fishes’ is a youthful melody that tells the emotional story of José, who was confined in a single room, and Tsuneo, who dreamed of a world on the other side of the world, enduring their fears and trials and growing together.

The OST sung by singer-songwriter EVE, who is loved by the public for her beautiful lyrics and delicate expressions, conveys the coolness deep inside the hearts of the audience watching’Joe, Tigers, and Fishes’.

EVE, such as’Deep Sea’ and’Blue Waltz’, is enhancing the completeness of the work with songs that make the story and drawing of’José, Tigers, and Fishes’ stand out.

The deep sea flows over the image of Tsuneo, who faced a huge ordeal, and dreams of a world on the other side of the world and dreams of a world on the other side of the world. Cheer.

José, who was trapped in a wheelchair and couldn’t even dream of dreaming, and Tsuneo, who struggled toward their dreams, but were braked by an accidental accident, sing so that they can cheer and lead from a distance that they can reach.

In addition, the’blue waltz’ decorates the ending of’Joe, the Tigers, and the Fishes’, making them look forward to the hopeful future of the two who overcome the ordeal and rise again.

In addition, after the song is over, the video of the cookie that follows is considered the highlight of’José, the Tigers and the Fish’ that you should never miss.

If the live-action film “Joe, Tigers, and Fishes” by director Inudo Issin left in the minds of the viewers the simple farewell scene of Jose and Tsuneo by Kururi’s breakup with stringed melody, the animation “Joe, Tigers and Fishes” Eunha conveys a completely different sensibility with a bright and refreshing feeling with a plain voice and more colorful instruments.

‘José, Tigers and Fish’ is being screened in theaters nationwide.

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