Animation’Joe, Tigers and Fishes’ unveils a character poster full of spring feelings

[엑스포츠뉴스 김유진 기자] The animated film “Joe, the Tigers, and the Fishes” (director Kotaro Tamura) released a character poster.

‘José, Tigers, and Fishes’ is a work that decorated the closing ceremony of the Busan International Film Festival last year. It contains a moving story of Jose, who was trapped in a single room, and Tsuneo, who dreamed of a world on the other side of the world, enduring their fears and trials and growing together It is youth melody.

Unlike the live-action film, which focused on the realistic romance of the two with tone-down colors, the animation that focuses on the dream as well as the love of José and Tsuneo catches the eye with brighter and more colorful colors.

Joje, who sits in a wheelchair with a confident smile and hugs a picture book, shows a very different atmosphere from Jose, who was afraid of the outside world while living only in a single room.

‘The outside is full of scary things… ‘She has been confined in a wheelchair her whole life, but as she meets Tsuneo, she expands the world through new experiences and makes use of her talent for painting, which she thought she could not reach, and her move toward a dream radiates bright energy.

Along with this, Tsuneo said, “If I reach out, I will be where I can reach.”

‘Joe, Tigers and Fish’ will be released on the 31st.

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