Anime Café V3 | DISBOARD: Discord Servers

Server Level 1!

╭───────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────┄┄┄ 。.゚+
We are a community made up of different principles such as gaming, anime and many other things that you may like.
Anime Pub (パ ブ), is a server that was created to help people find new friends and have fun together.
╭ ::robot::・Bot
The bots in the server are for moderation, to play, include memes, express various actions … Among which we also have the official Bot !!

Show us how good you are by drawing your best cards with this anime bot!

Hope you can catch all your favorite pokemon !!

You will be able to claim your favorite waifu, thus creating your own crazy harem !!

│ :: no_entry_sign :: ・ Rules
Rightly like all servers, there are rules to be respected, but don’t worry they are not many and much less annoying !!

│ :: white_check_mark :: ・ News Games
We will constantly update you on all new game releases !!

│ :: video_game :: ・ Personalized Voice Channels
╰You will have the possibility to manage your own personalized voice channels, to talk to your friends and company !! [Da finire]

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