Anime “Chikawa” Blu-ray & DVD will be released on March 3, 2023 (Friday)! |Press release from Happinet Co., Ltd.

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“Something small and cute” drawn by illustrator Nagano, commonly known as “Chikawa”.
The manga series will start on Twitter in 2020, and when the book will be published in 2021, many people will be fascinated by its cute characters and surreal story. Many collaborations with apparel brands, popular shonen manga, etc. have been implemented, and many collaborations with apparel brands and popular shonen manga have been implemented, and the popularity of both men and women is spreading. is.
From April 2022, the anime will start on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV”. The total number of views of the videos published on Mezamashi TV’s official YouTube channel has exceeded 50 million!

And this time, it has been decided that the Blu-ray & DVD of the TV anime “Chikawa” will be released on March 3, 2023 (Friday)!
The deluxe version is full of gorgeous specifications and benefits such as acrylic blocks and a jacket drawn by anime!

In addition, a deluxe version with a flocky figure of Chikawa will be released at the same time!

Please look forward to the follow-up information on Blu-ray & DVD.

  • Animation “Chiikawa” Blu-ray & DVD product information

【Release date】

March 3, 2023 (Gold)

【product Overview】

Deluxe version 1 with 6 flocky figures set (includes episodes 1 to 40)
Blu-ray: 12,650 yen (tax included)
DVD: 12,100 yen (tax included)

〈First production limited benefits〉
・Set of 6 flocky figures (Chikawa, Hachiware, Usagi & “Something similar” 3-piece set)
・Acrylic block

・Jacket drawn by anime
・Set of 5 retouched postcards by chief animation director

■Deluxe edition 1 (includes episodes 1 to 40)
Blu-ray: 8,250 yen (tax included)
DVD: 7,700 yen (tax included)

〈First production limited benefits〉
・Acrylic block

・Jacket drawn by anime
・Set of 5 retouched postcards by chief animation director

■Normal version 1 (includes episodes 1 to 20)
■ Normal version 2 (21 episodes to 40 episodes included)
DVD: 2,750 yen each (tax included)

*Product specifications are subject to change.

Publisher: Happinet Phantom Studio Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Happinet Media Marketing Co., Ltd.

  • If you purchase the target product at the following stores, you will receive a rectangular can badge by design!


・Deluxe Edition 1 Blu-ray & DVD with 6 flocky figures set
・Deluxe Edition 1 Blu-ray & DVD

[Target store]

Pattern ①:
Pattern ②: Rakuten Books
Pattern ③: Tower Records
Picture ④: HMV, HMV & BOOKS online
Design ⑤: Animate (including mail order)
Pattern ⑥: Yodobashi Camera
Design ⑦: Joshin disk peer (including Joshin web shop)
Pattern ⑧: Seven Net Shopping
Design ⑨: Fuji TV e!shop

Pattern ⑩: Chikawa World
Design ⑪: Other stores (12 stores: Toranoana (including mail order), Sofmap Animega, Bic Camera, Yamada Denki, Coach Four, Happinet Online, CDJapan, TSUTAYA Online, Red Bear,
WonderGOO/Shinseido, Sanyodo Bookstore, Heiando)

* “Rectangular can badge” will end as soon as it is gone. Please note.
* Please check with each store for details and grant status of “rectangular can badge”.

In addition, Chiikawa Market limited benefits will also be implemented.
Stay tuned for more news!

  • Anime “Chikawa” work information

[Broadcast information]

Broadcast every Friday around 7:40 on “Mezamashi TV” (5:25-8:00 on Fuji TV)
YouTube, TVer, GYAO after the broadcast (8:00~)! , FOD one week limited missed delivery


Name: Haruka Aoki
Hachiware: Makoto Tanaka
Rabbit: Ari Ozawa
Flying squirrel: Yuka Iguchi
Armor of Pochette: Tomokazu Sugita
Mr. Armor of Labor: Hiroki Higashiji
Mr. Armor of Ramen: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka
Otter: Yuma Uchida
Chestnut steamed bun: Takayuki Asai and others


Original: Nagano “Chikawa”
Series Director: Takenori Mihara
Set up design: Yuki Asakura
Color design: Kei Ishiguro
Director of Photography: Naohiro Kaneko (Sanko Productions)
Audio Supervisor: Masaki Tsuchiya
Music: Shugo Tokumaru

Editing: Shingo Chatani
Animation Production: Video Studio


“Something small and cute”, commonly known as “Chikawa”.
Chikawa, who is always working hard, and her friends Hachiware, rabbits, etc.
Unique characters unfold,
A story of fun, sad, and a little hard days.

© Nagano / Chikawa Production Committee

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