Anime “Chikawa” “Broadcasting started” ── Chimera appeared, until now it was not even an introduction –

NaganoOriginal animation “Chiikawa]A popular character in the 16th episode “Chimera / I don’t like it”ChimeraHas appeared.

With the broadcast of “Chimera,” which is one of the most popular episodes in the original, the anime “Chikawa” has been attracting the attention of fans of the original at once.

Not only cute, but dark “Chikawa”

“Chiikawa Something Small and Cute” Volume 1 / Image from Amazon

“Chikawa” is a character content / manga work by illustrator Nagano. It was released on Nagano’s Twitter from 2017, and the serialization officially started in January 2020.

At first glance, “Chikawa” seems to be a work that depicts the heartwarming everyday life of cute and loose Chiikawa. However, it often falls into an absurd development, and mysterious scenes are drawn, making it a dark side.

Due to the gap and the memetic nature of the dialogue that appears in the work, the popularity is exploding mainly on Twitter.

Evaluation from original fans changed completely to “Chimera” broadcast

The anime “Chikawa” has been broadcast as a short animation on Fuji TV’s “Mezamashi TV” since April. Although it is basically based on the original, the dark episode peculiar to “Chikawa” was skipped.

As a result, there were quite a few negative comments among fans about anime, such as “Beautiful Chimera,” “Anime only eats rice,” and “I can’t broadcast dark episodes from early morning.” , The 16th episode “Chimera / I don’t like it” was broadcast on July 15th (Friday).

Expectations are rising that episodes that will bring us closer to the essence of “Chikawa” will be broadcast in the future.

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