Anime Fairy Tail (Fairy Tail / Tale of Fairy Tail) – “Disgusting anime. I do not advise anyone. “

Hello everyone!

With this animated series, or, as it is fashionable to say now, anime I came across because of my frequent visits to one site where fanfiction is written – fictional stories based on existing films / books / songs, etc., with existing characters and / or adding my own. One author asked me to edit some of the Fairy Tail lyrics, and I, who loved the Japanese cartoon series about Sailor Moon warriors as a child, agreed on my own.

In order to understand at least a little what I am dealing with, to delve into the characters and anamnesis of the main characters, I, as a thorough person, approached the matter with all responsibility, namely: I asked in detail the author of fanfiction about the heroes, the main milestones and nuances of the plot, as well as watched about 40 episodes (including a dozen and a half of the very first, so to say, to start from scratch) from different arches – this is how the anime refers to the seasons or large parts into which the series is divided and which include smaller “subparts” (series). Imagine my amazement when I realized that Fairy Tail did not stand next to my beloved Sailor Moon!

So why did I dislike this anime so much? I will answer point by point:

  • Excessive level of vulgarity. Listen, well, the cowards of the sailor warriors, occasionally peeking out from under the short skirts of the girls when they rushed to save the world and jumped from somewhere above – nothing compared to the constant size 7 buffers falling out of any clothes from the girls from “Fairy Tail” , dirty jokes, frank phrases about the desire to mate with one or another passion and other far from subtle hints of fat circumstances. In the heads of the characters – one continuous debauchery.
  • The second point follows from the first. Disproportionate forms of the heroines, causing the viewer to one thought: “These are boobs-and-and-and-and-so!” Tiny waist (and each one; all women would have such a figure), long legs and – buffers! All in all, the anime boob topic isn’t just revealed, it’s twisted, gutted, and drained. Okay, at least the male characters do not stick out so frankly, although there are some shots there who prefer to walk without pants and flaunt their personal belongings

  • The uncertainty of the origin of many of the heroes. Oh how is it romantic it’s strange that they are all so young, lonely, and even supermages! Have you noticed that almost none of them have parents or other relatives, or the question of family, in principle, is not raised in the series? Yes, a whole gang of young people has gathered here, which no one controls (the decrepit head of the guild Makarov and all sorts of ephemeral Firsts do not count), no one is waiting at home, does not put moral values ​​into his head, does not care and does not delve into what is generally happening to the child. And from the lack of control and impunity, such temperamental young men and women have the only inevitable craving – for earthly pleasures. The blood is boiling, the hormones are naughty. And therefore – thoughts of only one thing.
  • The whole life of the characters is partying, drinking, craving for sex and in between all this making money by completing all kinds of tasks, the most serious of which is to overwhelm some dragon. Education? No, have not heard. Is there a profession and career other than killing reptilians? Pfft, what is it. That is, the viewers are put in such a position: if you are endowed by nature with some kind of gift, for example, a magical ability, then you don’t need to bother, learn, develop, in general, somehow bother about the future. Slay the dragon and live happily ever after.
  • Improbable victories. Oh, well, many anime sin this. You know, probably, these are typical situations for such animated series: the main characters are in a deplorable state, almost all are mowed down, the loss is obvious, but suddenly … an unknown force descends on them and shines its light! The memory of “beloved and beloved” friends (whom you just ridiculed / drunk / gouged in a face-to-face fight / continue the list), without whom you damn cannot live and who supposedly replaced your mother, opens a third breath and gives a magic pendel incredible power, with the help of which you, frail and wounded, suddenly dashingly defeat a strong and healthy opponent. Well e-my …
  • “Indecent” characters. I don’t know what other word to call it, but the 12+ rating seems to me insufficient for such specimens as:
  1. Virgo is one of the Zodiacs serving Lucy Heartfilia. A girl with pink hair dressed as a maid with an extremely short skirt, humbly bowing her head or even kneeling down in some episodes and asking her mistress the same question: “Will you punish?” Some kind of BDSM immediately creeps into my head. Why do 12-year-old children need such thoughts?
  2. Freed Justin – one of the guild (guild – something like a grouping; they all the time compete with each other) Thunderbolts, whose leader is a certain Laxus Dreyar – a jock with a lightning scar (Harry Potter, hello!) and overwhelming conceit. So this Freed is running errands for Laxus, giving him a massage in the men’s bathhouse and generally treats him obsequiously and is ready to fulfill any of his whims. Hmm …

    Anime Fairy Tail photo

  3. I would also like to write about one of the main characters of the anime Elsa Scarlett. At first, she was almost the only one I more or less liked, because she gave the impression of a serious girl for whom battles and battles are more important than drinking and shaking boobs, but I came across two or three episodes that allowed me to completely disappoint in her. Elsa is completely shameless: she does not shy away from taking a shower or a bath with guys, she crawls into the bed of her friend Lucy, and when she is drunk, it’s just brainwashing. Unrestrained aggression, anger and furious hatred-resentment towards those who have a soul mate (who is stopping this hysterical woman from getting a partner, I do not understand in any way), which, as the dose of alcohol increases, transforms into bullying of girlfriends and friends, into sadistic and humiliating orders and even beatings; and much of this, by the way, is happening in front of another anime heroine – the girl Wendy, who is 12 years old in the story. There is simply no comment, because I simply have no censorship words left.

    Anime Fairy Tail photo

Fairy Tail is a miserable animated series for the dumb and preoccupied … no, not teenagers – or Not only adolescents, as practice shows, unfortunately. The very fanfiction that I, spitting and wrying, edited only because I gave my word, was written by a mature woman of about forty, who has a husband, two sons and a house – a full cup. The question is, why the hell are you watching this baida and, moreover, writing your own stories based on it? Well, you better write a story or a poem of your own! There will be more sense …
My rating would be minus 100, but the site allows you to put at least one star.

And now a little about the series (not cartoon, but the most real ones) that impressed me:

“Dyatlov Pass” – a bit too much action and inventions, but overall not bad

“Pregnancy Test” – the second part caused almost the same gag reflexes as Fairy Tail

“Abyss” and “Sign of the True Path” – two confused Russian detectives

“This Summer and Forever” is a typical melodrama, watching which you can while away the evening, but I watched “Obsession” more than once, so I liked it!

Thank you for the attention!


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