Anime in Ukraine wants to be banned – petition to President Zelensky

02 February 2021, 12:20

Japanese cartoons for adults are seen as a threat to Ukrainian society

On the president’s website registered a petition proposing to Vladimir Zelensky ban anime in Ukraine… The petition was initiated by Yaroslav Vasilishin.

The author believes that Japanese cartoons pose a threat to Ukrainian society.

What is the danger of anime, according to the author of the petition:

  • the theme of eroticism and sexual corruption;
  • harm to the psyche;
  • the theme of death and cruelty;
  • the theme of Satanism.

Anime Japanese animation. Unlike cartoons in other countries, most of the produced anime is designed for teenage and adult audiences, and largely due to this, it is highly popular in the world. Differs in a characteristic manner of drawing characters. Produced in the form of television series and films. Sources for the plot of anime series are most often: manga (Japanese comics), light novel (light novels) or computer games (usually in the “visual novel” genre). When filmed, they usually preserve the graphic style.

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