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Interview with Mr. Kaneko, the representative director who launched Studio Mew, who is involved in famous animations such as “Detective Conan” and “ONE PIECE”!

◆ What kind of student days have you spent?

I liked manga and read magazines, kings, jumps, etc. I also wrote illustrations as a hobby. I also like oil paintings, and in high school I had a seat in the art club. However, there were a lot of good seniors … I was told something like “Use sine cosine for drawing!” I was a little disappointed (laughs) I had a desire to become stronger since I was little, so I learned judo and karate and was active.

◆ Please tell us how you got involved in anime.

I really wanted to be a manga artist. However, I found it difficult to make a living as a manga artist. I thought that anime would make a living, so I made a shift change. I started working on anime under the animator Keiichiro Kimura, who had a connection and worked on Tiger Masks. After that, I transferred and was involved in animations such as “Urusei Yatsura”, “Perman”, and “Obake no Q-taro”. At night, I drank and drew an animation until 3 o’clock in the middle of the night, and from noon to work again, I repeated my free life.

◆ Please tell us how you established the company.

When I was working for a company that handles major animation projects in the world, I was asked to help because I would like to open a branch office in China, so I went to Hong Kong alone.

It was a prompt decision with a single voice, “You are tough, so you won’t die wherever you go!” (Laughs)

While working as a drawing teacher at an animation company, I checked 8,000 drawings a day by myself and worked as hard as I could. There, we made a connection with China and first commercialized it in Shanghai. After that, I returned to Japan and established Studio Mew. We have a relationship with major companies such as Toei, so thanks to you, we are in charge of stable operations.

◆ What is your vision for the future?

I want to make an original animation. I would like to leave an educational animation like “Manga Nippon Mukashi Banashi” that can convey important values ​​such as morality, friendship, and humanity to children of this era. I think anime and manga are the best tools to convey to children the fastest and deepest. It would be great if it could help you become a stylish adult through anime.

◆ What kind of people would you like to join in the future?

The main premise is people who like anime. I think that I can exert my best when I like it, and I think it is better not to do it if I do it while suffering. It would be great if the drawing staff could include someone who is strong in digital. This time I would like to go get more work, so I will be hiring to increase the number of staff. We are waiting for applications from those who can act as a detonator to further activate the site.

Studio Mew is currently actively hiring drawing staff.

If you are interested in this story or Studio Mew, please come and visit us!

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