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The popular action RPG “NieR: Automata” was released by Square Enix on February 23, 2017 and has sold over 6.5 million copies worldwide. The new visual and character PV “Adam/Eve” of the animation “NieR: Automata Ver1.1a”, which will start broadcasting in January 2023, has been released.
Along with the visuals and PV depicting Adam and Eve, mysterious special individuals who are machine lifeforms but have an appearance that closely resembles androids, cast information has also been released. Daisuke Namikawa, who plays the role of Adam, said, “He’s a character that is both gorgeous and inorganic. So I value the suspiciousness and suspicion that comes from that. Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who plays Eve, said, “Even though it’s a bit different from the game, I’m working hard every time to deliver to everyone a more refined personality as Eve. Together with my brothers, I would appreciate it if you could love me again!”

■Visual 005: Adam/Eve

■ Promotion File 005: Adam/Eve

■ CAST comment

Daisuke Namikawa (role of Adam)
It’s been like that since the game, but first of all, the visuals are beautiful! It is a character that is both glamorous and inorganic. That’s why I cherish the suspicion and uncertainty that arises from that. I think it would be good if it also leads to fear in a way. I hope that this indescribable feeling of atmosphere will continue forever, but what will happen if it breaks down? Will the time come when it will break? In a way it’s scary… Please look forward to it.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki (role of Eve)
From the moment I joined the game, Eve’s sensibility was unique and interesting, and it was a role that left a strong impression on me.
As time has passed, I am happy to be able to deliver Eve to everyone in a new form of animation. increase.
Even though it’s a little different from the game, I’m working hard every time to deliver to everyone a more refined personality as Eve. I hope you love me again, brothers and sisters!

Original: “NieR: Automata” (Square Enix)
Director: Ryoji Masuyama
Series composition: Yoko Taro / Ryoji Masuyama
Character design total drawing director: Jun Nakai
Production: A-1 Pictures

2B: Ishikawa Yui
9S: Huajiang Xiashu
Pod 042: Hiroki Yasumoto
Pod 153: Kaoru Akiyama
Adam: Daisuke Namikawa
Eve: Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Pascal: Aoi Yuuki
Commander: Qianqiu Garner
Operator 6O: Keiko Isobe
Operator 21O: Mary Hatsumi

5012 AD.
Mankind is in danger of extinction due to the sudden arrival of aliens and the machine life-forms they created.
A small number of humans who escaped to the moon began a counterattack operation using soldiers to recapture Earth.
However, the battle falls into a stalemate in front of that continue to multiply infinitely.
As the ultimate weapon, mankind dispatches a new android unit to Earth.
<2B>, who was newly dispatched to Earth, joins up with <9S>, a preliminary investigator, and goes on a mission, but in the midst of that, he encounters a number of mysterious phenomena…

This is the story of a lifeless android who continues to fight for humanity.

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