Anime Review – Megalo Box

Anime Review – Megalo Box

The second season of Megalo Box has now been fully released. Reason enough to introduce the anime Megalo Box! by Noemie Keller

21.06.23 Megalo Box

Anime Review zu Megalo Box

Megalobox matches are not just normal boxing matches. The fighters have “gear”, which increases the strength and speed of the boxers. So the fights are on a completely different level of tension and brutality. Megalo Box is a popular sport, both in the cities, where only selected citizens are allowed to live, and in the surrounding slums.

The story follows Junk Dog, a young, talented fighter who wastes his talent in rigged underground megalobox fights. Growing up in the slums, he has seen a lot of crap. Those fixed boxing matches where he loses on purpose seem like his only way to make money and somehow survive. But Junk Dog is becoming increasingly frustrated with life.

By chance he meets the professional boxer Yuri. Rich, glorious boxing champion meets unsuccessful underground fighter. But the fighting spirit flares up between them and Yuri challenges Junk Dog. Junk Dog decides to take part in the boxing championship Megalonia in order to be able to fight against Yuri in the ring. He falsified an identity card as a city dweller and competed as “Gearless Joe” in Megalonia.

Megalo Box not only convinces with the story, but above all with well-written characters, a fantastic soundtrack and an art style that looks like it fell from the 80s, the good way!

Megalo Box consists of two seasons, each with twelve episodes of 20 minutes each. You can watch the first season on Netflix, the second on, for example


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