Anime – Sorcerous Stabber Orphen – Season 2 – Battle of Kimluck – Episode # 5 – The Holy City Overwhelmed by Tears of Blood, February 24, 2021

Episode 5 – The Holy City Overwhelmed by Tears of Blood from the Animated Series Sorcerous Stabber Orphen – Saison 2 – Battle of Kimluck is now available on the simulcast platform of Wakanim.

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Our story takes place on an ancient continent where humans thrive today, instead of the dragons of ancient times. Young Krylancelo Finlandi lives with his sister Azalie at the Tower of Fangs, a witchcraft training institute, but one day Azalie is cursed and disappears. Krylancelo then embarks on a journey to find her. Five years later, now named Orphen, he illegally carries on the business of lender. One day, with the so-called Volkan, he goes to the Everlasting, a scam around the marriage of their eldest daughter in mind …


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