[Anime]Elpis Box[OP]

This is an animated OP designed as a graduate school project. It’s a fantasy story with a gag and gravity and the god Shiva who jumped out of the box found by heroes in the habit of being negative and “depressed, wanting to die”. The original story is “Pandora’s Box”. When they opened the mysterious box that the Senate found, the gods inside were scattered! Some of them are evil gods … Can the Senate put the gods back in the box again …! ?? Like. Also, does the way of life of the Senate change in many ways when you meet Shiva? It’s the animated opening, so I wanted to make it feel alive, beautiful and energetic. The employee’s name (credit) is the name of a certain mythical god in appropriate letters (I wanted to create an atmosphere of animated OP, so by the way, I received the highest award in my graduation work! Thank you! “Elpis’s Box” is open to the public on the main creation site such as illustrations and manga, so if you are interested, please do not miss it! for details on the video ↓ ↓ http: //soracoro.sweet.coocan.jp/elpis … Production: 2012.9-2013.1 Release: 2013.2.24 Illust & Movie: Sorano Yu [そらの優]

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