Annie’s new cosplay in Attack on Titan will break your barriers

ATTENTION: This article includes spoilers for Attack on Titan. This Annie Leonhart cosplay in Attack on Titan recreates the character’s wilder side.

This year we will attend the finale of Attack on Titan. Manga and anime will come to an end in the coming months and the fate of this world where the titans threaten the existence of humanity and could lead to its extinction will be sealed. Created by Isayama Hajime (Hajime Isayama), Attack the titans (Shingeki no Kyojin) has become one of the most popular manga and anime of the last decade, especially for its tone and action-drama scenes.

Within the vast roster of Attack on Titan characters we’ve seen many great heroes and villains rise and fall. One of these characters in Annie Leonhart, member of the Exploration Team that meets the “ice cold female character” parameter, very common in Japanese stories.

Well Annie like many others Attack on Titan characters, hides a dark secret that, well, you can’t say it’s small, it’s actually HUGE. So much so that the cosplayer Jannetincosplay He has recreated it wonderfully.

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Using the technique of body painting, this cosplayer has recreated the giant version of Annie Leonhart, that is, her conversion into a titan. Annie’s tremendous strength in this form was a tremendous problem for the protagonists in the series, and the cosplayer manages to capture it perfectly. We also recently saw Levy cosplay by a cosplayer who looked like his flesh and blood twin brother. There is little left to reach the end of the adventure, but surely we still have some surprises in Shingeki no Kyojin.

What do you think about the Annie Leonhart cosplay from Attack on Titan?


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