Apex Legend’s Vantage Gamer Cosplay Is Perfectly Hit The Spot

Cosplayer and musician bittenbadger has shared photos of his Vantage-inspired Apex Legends costume, which perfectly captures the look of the youngest of the legends.

Vantage joined the Apex Legends lineup with the release of Season 14: Hunted, which landed on Tuesday, August 9.

In addition to a new playable character, the drop of Season 14 also triggered changes to the Kings Canyon map, increased level cap, and balance tweaks for certain weapons.

Despite the novelty of it all, many Apex Legends faithful have already become attached to the various Season 14 content offerings, especially Vantage.

Apex Legends Players Already Share Vantage Cosplay

On their Reddit et Instagram pages, bittenbadger posted photos of their Vantage cosplay. The costume is simply impressive, so much so that even a Respawn Developer chimed in to call it “absolutely spectacular.”

Of course, the detailed outfit caught the eye of other Apex Legends players, a few of whom were quick to point out how quickly the cosplayer managed to complete the design.

bitten badger explained in a response that work on their Apex Legends cosplay started after Respawn uploaded Vantage’s Tales from Distant Lands: Survival Video end of July.

As for the costume itself, the cosplayer “modeled and 3D printed everything” and then asked his mom to help with some of the outfit’s sewing needs. The effort also paid off, judging by the incredible level of quality and detail in the costume.

A sniper with a custom sniper rifle, Vantage has quickly become one of the most compelling characters in the Apex Legends universe.

At the age of 18, she escaped from a prison boat and proved herself to be a capable survivor. It should be interesting to see how much players appreciate his skills over time.

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