Apex Legends: Wraith consigue un cosplay interdimensional

Thanks to the talent of cosplayer Enako, one of the Apex Legends characters, Wraith, is represented with a high quality cosplay.

Since Apex Legends left in February 2019, the possibility that it would reach the Nintendo Switch. That despite SHE didn’t look very interested, but the studio behind the game, Respawn Entertainment, gave another impression. It was in May that a hint emerged that some interpreted as something moving ‘behind the scenes’, and this version was confirmed in June 2020. Supposedly, it would come out that same year.

In the end, it was not possible and it was due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). But now this Battle Royale It already has a firm departure date, and that will be March 4. Something for which it is characterized is that it has several characters to choose from, known as Legends. So far there are 16 after several updates to the game, and each one stands out for having special abilities. Among them is Renee Blasey, better known as Wraith.

In Apex Legends he is able to open gaps in space-time and take advantage of them to attack his enemies. Due to a series of experiments, he has forgotten his past and hears voices inside his head. He has learned to deal with them, and incidentally, use them to triumph in battles. She is a fast and deadly combatant with her black hair gathered in a kind of bun, dressed in dark protective gear and a long scarf.

As for her outfit, she has black and light gray sections with others in purple, as well as boots and various metallic accessories. Something that stands out on his face are his pale pupil eyes. It is common for one of your hands to be covered in what appears to be electricity. But it is actually the first step for her to open a portal, and she can take advantage of it not only her, but her allies on the battlefield. Wraith comes basic in the game.

Well, all the aforementioned can be seen in the cosplay from Enako (@enako_cos). Is cosplayer professional, one of the most famous in Japan, decided to recreate Wraith from Apex Legends. As expected, he took care of every detail of his outfit. Thus he achieved a faithful representation of this character created by Respawn Entertainment. The costume she wears is very similar to that of this fighter, and the same can be said of the hairstyle.

He’s using pupil glasses to recreate his eyes, and a few special effects to complement his cosplay. It should be noted that the location where the photos were taken gives the futuristic look for someone like that. Is a cosplayer quite versatile and has played several characters throughout his career. Earlier this year I shared his interpretation of the sisters NakanoIchika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba e Itsuki – from Go-Toubun no Hanayome.

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This good characterization of Wraith from Apex Legends it shines on its own. They want to see more cosplay quality? Be sure to visit the corresponding section in Nintendo Universe, you will not regret it.


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