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Liu Wenxuan2021-02-03 10:25:05

DoNews, February 3 news (Liu Wenxuan) App Annie released the 2021 annual publisher list. The list shows that in 2021, game and online video publishers will occupy an important position in the ranking. In the world’s top 52 issuers list, more than half (31) of issuers are headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region. The United States has the highest number of popular publishers in the world, with 16 publishers on the list, followed by China with 15 publishers.

Driven by their respective popular games, publishers such as Lilith (12th), Roblox (19th), Moon Active (23rd) and Scopely (28th) all rose by more than ten places. These games are “Awakening of Nations”, ROBLOX, “Coin Master” and MARVEL Strike Force. Consumers’ desire for social interaction has caused a surge in popularity of games that integrate social elements such as Roblox.

Home restrictions make consumers spend more time on video. Amazon (No. 38) achieved strong in-app purchase growth through the popular online video services Twitch and Amazon Prime Video. The ranking of Disney (No. 22) has also risen by nine places due to Disney+’s access to more global markets.

China-based Tencent (No. 1) and NetEase (No. 2) have become the top two popular publishers for four consecutive years. Their chicken-eating games “Peace Elite” and “Wild Action” are both extremely popular . Playrix (No. 3) rose by four places, and its casual puzzle games “Dream Garden” and “Dream Aquarium: Deep Sea Adventure” contributed to its growth.


In terms of Chinese manufacturers going overseas, games are still the largest source of overseas revenue for Chinese companies. Among various high-income game categories, the revenue growth of role-playing RPG games was the most significant, followed by the revenue growth rate of puzzle leisure, strategy, and gaming games. Among them, the RPG role-playing category represented by “Sword and Expedition” and “Original God” has the fastest growth in revenue. FunPlus has advanced to the top 52 of global publishers by 7 and firmly ranks first in the list of Chinese manufacturers’ overseas revenue. “Sword and Expedition” and “The Awakening of Nations” continued to exert their strength in overseas multinational markets, driving Lilith to the second place. With the phenomenon-level explosion of the self-researched and spontaneous “Yuan Shen” on the list, Mihayou not only became the top 30 overseas income earners, but also directly ranked 9th.

In addition to the strong momentum of games going overseas, China’s non-gaming applications will also gain widespread international recognition in 2020. Different from the previous quiet layout of various manufacturers, this year’s non-gaming applications are going to sea obviously.


The most prominent is Tik Tok’s growth in Southeast Asia, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East. In the past year, TikTok’s global active users have tripled compared to 2018, and are expected to exceed 1.2 billion this year, prompting its parent company Bytedance to top the list of Chinese manufacturers’ overseas downloads this year. It also surpassed Amazon and Netflix in the App Annie’s top 52 global apps list, reaching the top 30.

In addition to the great success in short videos, in terms of long videos going overseas, after Tencent and iQiyi have tested the waters in Southeast Asia, Bilibili launched the Thai version of station B at the end of 2020, trying to use content and two dimensions For the direction, break through in overseas markets. Although the time is short, it quickly made it to the top 20 of App Annie’s overseas app revenue, ranking sixth.


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