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Good evening, this is Riku Tsuda.

The matter that does not get full. Thank you for all the comments!

Hmmm, there seem to be various reasons.

I will try various things from now on! !!

It’s a start to a full stomach. (?)

And this year too, I’ve been farewell to the strongest down for a while!

I will be indebted to you again this winter.

Or should I go buy some new outerwear this year? ??

And today we have an announcement! !!

Daichi announced it earlier when I was writing a blog, but on March 21st (Monday)

Oshito will have a cheki handing over party! !!

The participating members are the Tsuda Brothers & Subaru Seniors!

Oshito doesn’t have a talk show, but there will be a costume play ♂R !!! on the same day!

The time is from 19:00 and the members are the same Tsuda brothers and Subaru seniors as Mr. Oshito! !!

And there is also a talk port.

This is the first time for me to have a one-on-one conversation with my mates, so I would like to talk a lot.

We look forward to your application!

Alright, I’ll practice a lot for Pinapa tomorrow! !!

It’s like a politician’s poster.

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