Art Center Incheon unveils a fun and fun classical stage for children

In April and May, Art Center Incheon will present’School Classic Concert for Youth’ and’Frenzy Classic Safari’, which are planned programs in April and May.

Both performances are concerts designed to help our children, from preschoolers to teenagers, to experience classical music more fun and get closer to the stage. In order to present an interesting stage each time, programs that provide not only in-depth performances but also various enjoyment will be harmonized.

First, the school classical concert for teenagers starts with the first performance on April 17th and meets the audience for a total of three times. Various genres, such as familiar animation OST, movie music, and K-pop, are arranged as works for classical instruments, along with classical music that you may have heard somewhere.

The detailed schedule is April 17, June 12, and September 4, which are performed three times every Saturday at 3:00 PM. To show the essence of classical instruments and music, representative orchestras leading the Korean classical music industry. Violinist Wayne Lin (Seoul City Headquarters), Violinist Jeong Hana (Gyeonggi-pil Movement), Violinist Boytec Zimboowski (Seoul City’s No. 1 Violin Assistant Head), Violinist Choi Ji-woong (Bucheon Pil Movement), Violist Daeil Kim (Seoul City Center) Unit), cellist Heo Chul, double bassist Lee Chang-hyeong (KBS Symphony Orchestra) and pianist Yoon So-young (Seoul Cyber ​​University’s Director of International Relations).

On the first stage, he performs various works such as’Spring’ among Disney’s’The Little Mermaid”Beauty and the Beast’ OST, the movie’The Sound of Music’,’Bohemian Rhapsody’, and Vivaldi’s’The Four Seasons’.

Another children’s music education program presented by Art Center Incheon, French Classic Safari, can be seen on Children’s Day. This program, aimed at preschool children over 48 months of age, aims to be’my child’s first classic’, and goes on a safari full of music with’Frenzu’, the original EBS film, Stdamsdam Zoo.

Children will attend a noisy classical music concert held at the Frenzu Zoo along with’Doremi Expedition Leader’. Through various teaching tools, students can directly participate in fun games, experience music, and learn basic theories about classical music.

Musical actor Kim Soo-hyun is decomposed into’Doremi Expedition Leader’ Violinist Ho-Jun Lee (Vin Ensemble Movement), Dong-Seok Park (Guest Leader in Gyeonggi-pil), Violist Jae-Hyun Cho (Classican Ensemble), leading children and audiences into an interesting safari trip. ), and The Classic Group Quartet, composed of cellist Jeong Daun (Head of Cello Dito Orchestra), will be with you.

Ticket reservations are available on the Art Center Incheon website, Interpark, and Nticket. The seats are operated by sitting in the auditorium in accordance with the corona 19 performance hall quarantine guidelines.

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