Art: Denis Villeneuve showed the storyboards of “Dunes”, which he drew with a friend as a child | Art, News

Director Denis Villeneuve is known for carefully drawing every frame for his storyboard paintings. He has been working on films with artist Sam Hudecki (French Canadian) since 2013. Production designer Patrice Vermette even revealed that Villeneuve has many storyboard options for each scene.

During preproduction, he lives with these drawings, they constantly hang on his wall. He experiments with mood, tempo and frame dynamics. Until he understands exactly how to do it right.

To an interview with The Hollywood Reporter Villeneuve showed a storyboard, on which the future director worked with his friend Nicolas Kadima as a child. At that time, friends did not have a camera, but Villeneuve was so carried away by the films of Spielberg and other directors that he wanted to master the visual art – and only paper and pencils were at hand.

Nicholas was a very good artist, so he painted and I told stories. And we, as children, just created worlds together.

Denis Villeneuve, director

One of these works was the Dune comic strip, which the children read in childhood.

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