Artistic cosplay. An art critic from St. Petersburg recreates images from the paintings of great artists

Chameleon artist. The art critic from St. Petersburg Elizaveta Yukhneva daily comes up with images based on the paintings of Titian, Repin and da Vinci. She has already visited more than two hundred paintings by artists from different countries and eras. Correspondent of the TV channel “St. Petersburg” Dmitry Kopytov with details.

“This cozy living room is also a photo studio where Elizaveta Yukhneva creates works. Everything happens here. A very simple props are used. For example, this crumpled paper turns into flowers, and thanks to these paper mustache I become like the Finnish artist Albert Edelfelt. “

There are only two male looks in the collection, and this is an exception. But I’ll give you more than enough! Here is the original and photo replica of the portrait of the famous actress Lyudmila Chursina, and this is Princess Yusupova. A special story is connected with it.

– This is my replica, but in oil. Imagine, my remark has migrated back into the picture! A man from Belarus wrote to me and said that I can choose any of my lines, and the artist will paint it in oil. “

Elizaveta is an art critic, but for several months she has been feeling like a top model. Fans have already appeared, but she does not suffer from stellar illness. In total, the girl still has 270 images, and this is not the limit. He posts at least one new job per day on social media.

It all started in the days of self-isolation. One of the American museums has launched a challenge to reproduce famous paintings. The Russian woman responded. Reincarnation usually takes place at this table. We are like witnesses of a journey back a century, Elizabeth becomes the cheeky heroine of Konstantin Makovsky’s painting “For Tea”.

“I have been looking closely at this picture for a long time, I really like it. And not just me. But all I could not understand from what to make a headdress. And then I somehow walk through the kitchen, look at a can of tea and think: “It!”

From idea to implementation – a few hours. Everything is recreated, right down to the pose. A background of dark fabric, special light … And if the masterpiece does not come to life, then it becomes closer to our days.

There are plans to make a series of photographs dedicated to Ancient Egypt. Moreover, Elizabeth’s unusual images are especially successful.

– I took cling film, stuck coins on the double-sided tape, all that I had. And then she put it on her head, became a Greek odalisque. “

An unusual hobby, according to the girl, does not distract from her main work at all – she leads excursions in a private museum and is a volunteer for the Red Cross. Craving and love for art inspire Elizabeth to new photographic feats.

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Photo and video: TV channel “Saint Petersburg”

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