Asterigos high fantasy action role-playing game debuts for PlayStation 5

Published on Wednesday, September 15, 2021 3:59:20 AM Beijing time

Cheng Hsien Lin, the game director of the game design company Acme Gamestudio, released a new “high fantasy action RPG” called Asterigos on the PlayStation official blog this week, which will be launched on PlayStation 5. Acme Gamestudio is an independent developer from Taiwan and created Asterigos. It provides players with a 3D action RPG game with “exciting combat encounters, interconnected maps full of adventurous exploration and immersive stories.” ”Asterigos high fantasy action RPG game trailer released

“Hilda is a soldier of the North Wind Legion of Brave. She tried to find her lost father and entered the fabulous cursed city of Ephesus. She will realize the rise and fall of a great city and witness the history that is forming, And faced with a difficult decision to determine the fate of the entire kingdom. The event of the game takes place in Aphes, a city-state inspired by ancient Roman and classical Greek designs, full of magic and miracles. From the misty market streets to the gloomy sewers, from the mysterious suburbs From the forest to the crystal clear abyss, the landscape of Avers is full of beauty and danger.”

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“Hilda’s battle choices are closely related to her character development. The talent system allows you to choose and expand your fighting style by choosing two from six completely different weapons: sword and shield, double-edged, spear, Hammers, wands, or magic bracelets. For example, the double blade is a fast weapon that can help you get in and out of battle quickly, while the magic wand is tailored for long distances, allowing you to shoot fireballs from a safe distance and bring them before the enemy approaches. Defeated. There are more than 60 different monsters to fight, and more than 20 unique bosses to challenge. Customize your fighting style and skills to conquer them”

“We want to portray Hilda as a young, Brave but arrogant warrior based on the adventurer’s medieval fantasy style. She is innocent, pure, but also kind and impulsive. Her journey in Aphes will lead her to discover this The truth behind the city’s curse allows you to piece together its history through conversations, discovered documents and movies, and Hilda’s own diary, which she will update with sketches and observations during the journey.”

For more information about the upcoming Asterigos high fantasy action RPG on PlayStation 5, please use the link below to jump to the official PlayStation blog.

source: Sony

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