At the forefront of the coronavirus emergency in Catanzaro: “No one was left out”

During the pandemic emergency, the dear and old “Pugliese” hospital became the good giant that welcomed, with open arms, most of the people affected by coronavirus from all over Calabria but also from cities like Bergamo, in absolute the Italian area with the highest number of deaths. There were numerous departments that, almost overnight, had to organize themselves to return to life people infected by un virus that for many souls was lethal. Even if the hospitalizations have not stopped, we decided to go to the “battlefield” to understand what happened in those days and mainly what is still expected from Sars-CoV-2 and mainly from the “mutant” viruses. We meet the doctor Luigi Cosco, director of the infectious diseases department of the “Pugliese-Ciaccio” who, he did not say at all calm about the possibility of a third new wave. Rather. “I’m not very optimistic about a new outbreak of infections and not even in considering the possibility of avoiding it – he says – because I keep seeing wrong attitudes and out of control that make me fear the worst. Even the presence of new forms of the virus, already imported into Italy from other countries, are not news to be underestimated and that force us to raise our guard. In this case we are preparing as best we can to face any hypothesis. We are ready”.

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