Attack on Titan: A cute cosplay shows the chibi version of Sasha Blouse

On her own, Sasha Blouse can look very adorable when in front of a plate of food, but the next cosplay presented by Livia Greenwood portrays in the most adorable way possible the character of Attack on Titan: like a cute chibi version of Sasha happily eating a potato chip.

Cosplay Sasha Blouse chibi

Kawaii Potato | Foto: Livia Greenwood (Pinterest)

This beautiful walking potato is more tender than any freshly cooked tuber. The most surprising thing is that has a custom made Scout Corps suit, including the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Kit at its sides consisting of the box to store the blades, the gas tanks and the blades that also function as the equipment controls.

It’s chibi cosplay reflects very well the personality of Sasha Blouse during the first seasons of Attack on Titan: a bit curious, unconcerned about the world around her and focused solely on eating her potato

There is nothing else in the world than your food | Photo: Livia Greenwood (Pinterest)

What did you think of this cosplay chibi de Sasha Blouse?


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