Attack on Titan Anime reveals the elegance of the Ackerman clan with this fanart

The Ackerman clan of Attack on Titan anime which still owes us the adaptation of the last part of the series, it is one of the most mysterious in anime, and there are those who believe that they still keep more mysteries than were revealed. Who knows if they will be revealed in a possible sequel.

Many riddles of the familiar were revealed at different times in the series. We learn that, in ancient times, they were the protectors of the royal family for their superhuman abilities in combat. However, later on they would be persecuted by royalty until they were practically exterminated.

In fact, this great illustration of @NxngOna shared on Twitter shows us the Attack on Titan characters of the powerful family, who take a while to show us their most elegant side:

Attack on Titan Personajes Ackerman

Image: @NxngOna

We know that one of them did not make it by the end of the story, but some doubts were resolved. After all, the Ackerman family turned out to be a product of Titan science, as the King of the Eldians used the power of the Founding Titan to create a human species with skills and dexterity that defied the Titans themselves. All characters from Attack on Titan characters who did not stop fighting until the last moment.

When fleeing to the island of Paradis, it was discovered that the Founder could not control the memories of the Ackermans like the other descendants of Ymir, so the only alternative was to exterminate them.

Kenny Ackerman Dies / Says Goodbye To Captain Levi / SNK Temp 03

That doesn’t take away from the fact that the few remaining members were among the most badass and powerful of the entire series.

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