Attack on Titan fan goes viral for his perfect Levi cosplay

The hit anime series “Attack on the Giants” is in its fourth season, and all eyes are on our favorites as they head for the climax of the story. This final season promises to bring Eren Jaeger the main protagonist of the series, to new levels. Levi Ackerman will be behind the lead every step of the way, while a fan is going viral after sharing his flawless cosplay take on the captain on Instagram.

As you can see below, the user of Instagram yuuji1127 is receiving tons of compliments for her Attack on Titan cosplay. Fans felt it was time for Levi to be the center of attention. His appearance is basically perfect with the anime, and fans are starting to wonder if this cosplayer is really the mirror of Levi’s real life.

The cosplay puts Levi in ​​his usual command suit, with a white button up and chest harness. The suit is completed with a tan military jacket, complete with Survey Corps insignia, complete with a distinct Levi hairstyle and a bit of makeup to liven up the soldier’s dark eyes.

More than ten thousand fans agree that this cosplay perfectly embodies Levi’s look. And if this cosplayer can channel the soldier’s personality, Levi has found his copy in a live-action version.


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