Attack on Titan: Hange shows his most comical side in cosplay that went viral

Despite the complaints that exist around the final season of Attack on Titan, many fans are enjoying it in a big way. Especially for the appearance of several well-known characters.

Not only Honor Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman Y Armin Arlert have entered the scene, if not many more. Among them is Hange Zoë, the fourteenth commander of the Corps of Exploration. That happened on last weekend’s episode.

Hange Zoë from Attack on Titan debuts costume

Something that stood out Hange This time it was because, like the others, he is releasing a new uniform. It is black, and on it the multiple straps of the Three-Dimensional Maneuvering Equipment.

Hange he keeps his glasses, but now he has a patch over one of his eyes. If you watched the previous season of the anime you will know the reason for it. If not for the heroic sacrifice of her men, she would not have saved her life.

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Losing one of his eyes was the price he paid to survive in Attack on Titan. This experience caused her to mature more, and become a better leader.

In the short scene from the previous episode he demonstrates his gift of command aboard the airship that the Exploration Corps used to travel. Those who have read the manga know very well what will happen next, but we better save ourselves any spoiler involuntary.

Attack on Titan: Hange gets more current cosplay

This cosplay reflects her new look

The new look of Hange Zoë did not go unnoticed by a cosplayer, f.ukuro. She decided to represent it in this way, and the result can be seen in the images that accompany this note.

The details we mentioned earlier appear in its characterization. Here it should be noted that he also respected the hairstyle of this commander, and all the details. But in addition to photos, he shared videos, which have some funny touches.

Especially the second, which you can see in your account at Instagram. f.ukuro already has time dedicating to cosplay, and in fact, it has more than 300 thousand followers in the social network mentioned before.

Has done others cosplays, such as Mikasa Ackerman which is also from Attack on Titan. In the case of this characterization of Hange he needed was to set it in a better location.

Also some mechanical attachments are missing and it gives us the impression that the patch is on the wrong eye. But on average it’s good cosplay.



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