Attack on Titan: Hange Zoe’s Incredible Cosplay Comes to Light

Hange Zoe recently made her debut in the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan and with that he debuted his new uniform of the Legion of Reconnaissance, something that now a great cosplay recreates perfectly.

The new Legion uniform is much less colorful than the one previously worn by the heroes of Paradis. In an all-black suit with silver armor, the cosplay Bring this new outfit to life on Commander Hange Zoe:

Attack on Titan Hange Zoe Cosplay

Commander Hange | Image: Wickedwaifu

Even the patch that the commander has dressed since the recovery of the wall Maria as a result of an attack from the Colossal Titan. Hange’s glasses are not missed either, as they are present in this great performance. And to put the finishing touch to this amazing cosplay is Hange’s rebellious hairstyle. Do you prefer the old version of the fanatic of the titans or do you stay with this new one?

The anime has placed several episodes in the IMDb ranking, but it has not been free of criticism of all kinds. What do you think so far of the fourth season of Attack on Titan?

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