Attack On Titan: the Giant Hammer comes to life thanks to the body painting of this cosplayer

The fourth season of The attack of the Giants (Attack on Titan) has finally revealed the last of the 9 shape-shifting giants, that Giant Hammer owned by the Tyber family who immediately got into a tremendous confrontation with Eren Jeager and its Attack Giant.

Obviously we are not here to reveal the outcome of the fight, and spoil you what is happening in this season 4, but our interest has been captured by the cosplayer JoJo Rassan which, thanks to body painting, has allowed this particular giant to become “real”.

We admire the cosplay of the Giant Hammer of Attack on Titan made by JoJo Rassan thanks to body painting

The appearance of the “Hammer”, in fact, is different from the other titans, both for its ivory color that makes it almost similar to a ghost, and for what looks like tendons that it has in front of the mouth and eyes.

Surely we will have to wait some time before some cosplayer manages to make a mask that recreates these particular tendons but, in the meantime, JoJo Rassan has seen fit to use colors and tricks to at least recreate the effect, as you can see below in the photo published on the Instagram profile of the cosplayer.

Who is the Giant Hammer?

The Giant Hammer, tall 15 meters, he is a titan with a particular shape who manages to modify his skin at will, hardening it and transforming it into spears, swords, whips, bows and hammers, his main weapon. However, this skill requires a lot of energy, and the creation of weapons significantly reduces its strength and stamina. It is one of the original nine giants that owns the power of creation.

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