Attack on Titan: The Warhammer Titan is ready for live-action

The latest episodes of the anime Attack on Titan, which comprise its fourth and final season, have been extremely exciting. Especially because of the appearance of one of the Titans most impressive of the series.

Obviously, we mean Warhammer Titan. He’s the one who faced Eren Jaeger in its form of Attack Titan, in a true anthology duel. All due to the fearsome fighting abilities he has.

The Warhammer Titan was very skilled in battle

Technically, this giant was a kind of puppet remotely controlled by Lara tybur, sister of Willy. That makes it different from the others, since whoever handles it can stay hidden.

Equally, it makes it more resistant to attacks, or so it is supposed. The Warhammer Titan He is capable of hardening his body more than any other, and even generating the most diverse types of weapons, even thrown ones, to fight.

Attack on Titan and Star Wars merged in strange fan-made crossover

Its only weak point is the cord that connects it to its controller, since if it is cut it stops working. That is something that the protagonist of Attack on Titan with dire results.

The design of the Warhammer Titan it is certainly interesting. His muscles are covered with a white skin made of shock-resistant material, and on his face he has a kind of mask with a lattice design. That makes it very different from the others.

This Attack on Titan cosplay is well done

Due to its recent appearance in the anime it has become very popular, and the of arts, as well as cosplays, begin to appear. This is how we share the interpretation of JoJo Rassan (@jojorassan).

In her case, she decided to use the technique of bodypaint or body paint to represent the Warhammer Titan, and the result is satisfactory. In fact, this kind of cosplay it is very suitable to represent various Titans.

For this kind of cosplay A very fitted suit with a pattern reminiscent of muscles can be worn. But makeup has the same effect, as you can see from this interpretation.

The only problem is that it is more convenient to use it indoors because of the climate. But without a doubt this cosplayer He managed to represent this fighter in a very practical way. It’s just an idea of ​​how to represent the Titans most outstanding of Attack on Titan.



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