Aura (Pokémon) goes on an expedition with Torchic in this great cosplay

The pokemon anime He has left us lots of great characters in their 25 years of history. And it is that Ash y Pikachu have had travel companions as dear as Brock, Maya, Serena And a long etcetera.

Today I come to talk to you precisely about one of these Pokémon anime characters: Aura (o May, depends on the part of the planet in which you live). And it is that the Petalia City Pokémon Coordinator is the protagonist of a chulísimo cosplay. I’ll leave it right here.

Aura cosplay, fresh out of the Pokémon anime

Without further ado, here it is:

  • This cosplay has been made by bigbig. ✅
  • Here you see it in the account of Instagram from RoleCosplay
  • I leave you the link better artist weibo profile. ✅
  • In case anyone doesn’t know, Weibo is a social network used in China. ✅

What do you think of this Aura cosplay? The truth is that it is very cool, I think it is very well done. The clothes are very faithful to the characterand have put Torchic in one of the photographs it is undoubtedly a great detail. However, what most catches my attention is the hair. It’s very well done and I find it by far the most difficult element of Aura to trace. hard work.

Finally, I remind you that Aura travel with Ash, Brock And his brother Max for the region of Hoenn. In addition, they later toured the region together Kanto. Aura he’s one of the characters I’m looking forward to seeing him back in.”pokemon trips”, but we have the great stumbling block that the actress who voices her in Japan has retired. Will the franchise clear this hurdle and will we be able to see Aura? Time will tell.

Finally, if you have been wanting, I leave you other pokemon cosplay what I have been bringing:

Which Pokémon anime character would you like to see a cosplay in Areajugones? I read you in the comments.

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