Avatar confirms new board game


By Daniel Arias | February 3, 2021, 4:42 PM

Avatar: The Last Airbender It continues to have an impact, although it has been 16 years since its first episode was released.

Netflix keep working on a series live action which has us somewhat concerned, as the creators abandoned the project due to creative differences that remain a mystery.

Despite this, Avatar is still alive, and recently it was confirmed that they are already working on a new RPG game, although not for consoles or PC.

Like the video game they have not done justice to this great saga, ViacomCBS Y Magpie Games made an alliance to create a board game inspired by Avatar.

This was announced by the company through a publication on its official blog, where they provided a few extra details.

This board game will have RPG mechanics, so you can take control of one of your favorite characters from the saga, including The Legend of Korra.

An alliance that may be promising.

This new board game from Avatar has a tentative release date of February 2022, although the team of Magpie Games will release additional content the same year.

As in any good role-playing game, you can live various adventures, from protecting the merchants from the fearsome Threefold threat, rescue people from the spirit world, and even bring peace to the earth kingdom.

At the moment no images were shown that allow us to see what the final work will look like, but they will surely arrive throughout the year.

If you are a fan of role-playing games and the adventures of Avatar, you should not let it escape you, but we recommend saving now, as its price may be somewhat high.

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