Bad Bunny turns into anime and sings in Japanese for ‘Yonaguni’

In the early morning of this Friday, June 4, Bad Bunny surprised his fans with a new single called ‘Yonaguni‘in which, the reggaeton player from Puerto Rico becomes anime and debuts singing for the first time in Japanese.

The single ‘Yonaguni’ was released during the early hours of this Friday, and by 10:30 this morning, it already had almost 5 million views and more than a million likes.

In this video you can see the multi-award-winning reggaeton player performing activities typical of Japanese culture, that is why we see him doing yoga, practicing martial arts and tattooing a logo of ‘Pokemon go’ one of the anime of Japan that achieved international fame.

In the song you can hear Bad Bunny sing to a lost love, who says that for her he takes a plane to find her in Yonaguni, But what is Yonaguni?

Yonaguni is a small island in Japan that is part of the Yaeyama Islands and is located almost 70 miles off the coast of Taiwan.

It was occupied by the USA between 1945 and 1972, however it was returned to Japan to become part of Okinawa prefecture.

It should be noted that this island is the subject of multiple myths and legends since 1986, when a group of divers discovered a mysterious megalith and structures in the form of ascending stairs to the southern end of the island.

What does Bad Buny say at the end of the Yoniguni song?

It is at the end of the song that we can listen to Bad Bunny sing a few words in Japanese while the video shows Benito turned into anime walking next to sakuras or cherry trees, which is a common image in the animes.

In the last seconds of the song, we can hear Bad Bunny sing the last lines in Japanese, which could be translated as “I want to have sex today but only with you. Where are you?” and that according to the specialized music portal, Genius, se escriben así: Where are you only with you if you want to have sex today?

If you already heard ‘Yonaguni‘ from Bad BunnyTell us what you think in the comments.

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