Baek A-yeon × Park Jin-young’s first dubbing challenge with ‘Princess Aya’

Singer Baek A-yeon and singer-actress Park Jin-young, who dubbed the fantasy musical animation ‘Princess Aya’. Provided by Eden Entertainment and BH EntertainmentSinger Baek A-yeon and singer-actress Park Jin-young challenge the dubbing for the first time in their lives through the world’s first full-screen X fantasy musical animation ‘Princess Aya’.

The fantasy musical ‘Princess Aya’, which drew attention as an official invitation to the 24th Busan International Film Festival panorama section, the 21st Bucheon International Animation Festival international feature competition section, and two special awards, has been confirmed for domestic release in September.

‘Princess Aya’, a fantasy musical depicting the fantastic love and adventures of Princess Aya, who was born with a curse that turns into an animal, and Prince Bari, who tries to prevent war and keep peace, is based on ‘Marie’s Story’, ‘Thousand Year Fox Fox’ and ‘Kai: The Legend of Mirror Lake’. It is a new film directed by Lee Seong-gang.

‘Princess Aya’ is co-produced by director Yeon Sang-ho, who has been attracting attention for animations containing critical social messages such as ‘The Pig’, ‘Pseudo’ and ‘Seoul Station’, and Lee Dong-ha, who produced ‘Train to Busan’ and ‘Peninsula’.

Above all, two masters in the Korean animation industry, Lee Seong-kang and director Yeon Sang-ho, are reunited once again after ‘Kai: The Legend of the Mirror Lake’, attracting attention.

It is expected that director Lee Seong-gang, who shows off sensual visuals and workmanship, and director Yeon Sang-ho, an all-round storyteller who builds a solid worldview across various genres, will meet with the planning ability to present explosive synergy.

Fantasy musical animation 'Princess Aya' main poster.  Provided by CJ CGV Co., Ltd.Fantasy musical animation ‘Princess Aya’ main poster. Provided by CJ CGV Co., Ltd.

In addition, singer Baek A-yeon and actress Park Jin-young will take on the role of Aya and Bari, the main characters of ‘Princess Aya’.

Baek A-yeon, who has been loved by many fans for her pure voice such as ‘If this is the case’ and ‘Soso’, plays the role of Aya, the princess of Yeonri-ri Kingdom, who has a curse that turns into an animal, recently through ‘Yumi’s Cells’ and ‘Devil Judge’. Park Jin-young, an actor recognized for his outstanding acting skills and member of idol GOT7, took on the role of Bari, the prince of the Kingdom of Batar.

In particular, ‘Princess Aya’ is the world’s first work in which the entire scene was produced using Screen X technology, and the spectacular and scaled scenes unfolding on three sides realized an overwhelming sense of realism as if they were in an animation space.

The fantasy musical animation ‘Princess Aya’, which is expected with the meeting of K-Animation Dream Team Lee Seong-gang and director Yeon Sang-ho, and the fantastic harmony of Baek A-yeon and Park Jin-young, will be available in theaters in September.

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