BEASTARS: Anime gets a sequel

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Like the people in charge at Studio Orange recently known gave the “BEASTARS” anime a sequel. Further details are not yet known.

The first season was in CG Studio Orange (Land of the Lustrous, Dimension W) produced. Shinichi Matsumi worked as a director, while Nao Ootsu held the role of character designer. The music was composed by Satoru Kosaki. The second season celebrated its Japanese TV premiere in January 2021. In this country, both seasons are available on Netflix.

Manga is published by KAZÉ

Paru Itagaki started her manga series on September 8, 2016 in “Weekly Shonen Champion” magazine. In Japan, the series that has now been completed comprises a total of 21 volumes. In this country, the manga is published by KAZÉ.

With “Beast Complex”, Itagaki started a manga mini-series in January 2021 that sheds light on the origins of “BEASTARS”.

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