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Our golden ones! There is no other way to say about the Russian athletes, who showed the highest class in Tokyo. For medals, for the team, for the country, they literally fought, not sparing themselves, through pain, through injuries. Because he is such a champion character, when you need to pull yourself together for the most important seconds, turn into a taut string and win. And emotions can be given free rein, but only then, on a pedestal.

Such popularity has never before collapsed on the bronze medalist of the Olympics. The new star of Tokyo with the name Madina enchanting for the Japanese ear is surrounded by fans at every step. 20 meters along the corridor – and now the whole team of the cafe comes running. The level of adoration is such that anime portraits of a Russian judoka with a black eye, sweet and strong spirit are already walking on Japanese social networks. The heroine of the cartoon in reality. A modest and gentle stone girl.

22-year-old Madina Taymazova burst into the Olympics like a hurricane, throwing titled rivals. Madina reached the semifinals with the favorite of the tournament, the owner of the tatami Tizura Arai, with that very huge hematoma and could not see with one eye. They also ran out of strength – the fight lasted for a record almost 17 minutes. Heartbreaking footage – our athlete is twisting her arm. This is a forbidden move, the team shouted. Many would have surrendered, but Madina suffers tremendous pain – she gets up and attacks again and again. The whole hall is for her. She did not allow herself to stop, even when she passed out during the strangulation.

“I already heard my wheezing, and immediately the first thought in my head was that no, I won’t give up, they would rather carry me away from here, but I won’t give up, I fought so hard,” says Madina Taymazova.

It seems that after this it is impossible to return, but after half an hour Madina Taymazova finds the strength – she appears on the tatami in the battle for bronze. For the sake of a dream, Madina showed inhuman endurance and took the award, now you can let yourself go.

“This is both joy and resentment at the same time. Resentment that I wanted the gold medal so badly, but it didn’t work out. And I’m glad that I won a medal, ”says Madina Taymazova.

At the homeland of Madina, in the village of Sunzha, North Ossetia, there is a holiday. Her father, an honored coach of Russia, has been convincing his daughter since childhood that there are no barriers for you.

“I have always taught her: on the carpet in the gym you need to be hard, stone,” says Andrey Taymazov.

“You just need to gnaw, you need to fight to the last, this is a war, a real war,” Madina Taymazova said.

Giving all of herself for the sake of victory, for the sake of the country, our foil fencer Marta Martyanova also had to pass the test of will. In the team tournament, the athlete, attacking on the retreat, twisted her leg. Later, the doctors said that she had a ligament rupture. For the first time she watches the video of this difficult moment only after returning to her native Kazan, on the way from the airport. Then it seemed – this is the end. It was difficult for the fencer to walk, let alone fight for gold. There were no replacements left, the team could be removed from the competition. But Martha calmly asks to freeze and return her rapier. Incredibly, gritting his teeth from unbearable pain, Martyanova wins the duel.

“When I fenced for the third fight, I understand that I did everything I could, I sit down and ask the coach: is it okay to cry already?” – says Marta Martyanova.

No one could hold back the tears. Our four eventually takes the gold. The teammates are holding the champion Martyanova by the arms.

“She is a fighter, she twisted her leg badly, but she survived the entire meeting. Not that she survived – she helped us a lot, we coped with it, ”said Larisa Korobeinikova.

“You understand that you devote your whole life to this, you understand that you must pass any obstacles by any means,” says Marta Martyanova.

She left the arena in a wheelchair. How long it takes to recover is still not clear. But the Olympic champion is ready for any challenge. The path of Marta Martyanova since childhood has been a story of overcoming.

“Her dad died when she went to second grade. Fencing was shown on the line, she really liked it. There was a difficult period – there was no money, just for pasta. She said: Mom, don’t worry, I’ll earn you money. I went to two trainings on my own every day, in the morning and in the evening, ”said Nailya Isanova.

And at every training session, at every competition, the character of the future heroes of the Olympics was tempered. The champion of the Tokyo Games in taekwondo Maxim Khramtsov at home in Nizhnevartovsk has a separate wall for awards – some won at school, others in the army. After the fight, Maxim said with a smile that he won the most important medal – Olympic gold – with a broken arm.

“The bone just broke off, but no displacement. I didn’t fully heal my hand and started to hurt again after the blow, ”says Maxim Khramtsov.

He was so dominant even with an injured arm.

“I saw that I could punch my opponent, but I didn’t do it, I left it for later. In the final fight, in the third round, I took the ninth point from my fist. There was a clear point. Even if I had two legs, two arms were broken, I would still fight to the end, ”said Maxim Khramtsov.

Gymnast Artur Dalaloyan also went to the end. Just three months before the Olympics, he received a severe leg injury – a complete rupture of a tendon. Doctors said that by autumn, at best, he would start walking, but Arthur could not give up his Olympic dream and started everything from scratch. The day after the operation, he trains in a cast right in the hospital room. After being discharged, he gave as much strength as he could in the gym. After just a couple of weeks, he and the gymnasts are trying to complete the beginner’s program. Time is short, but every minute my wife supported me, some exercises were even done together.

“She reacted with absolute calmness to this, she told me that this is a sport and nothing is impossible. And secondly, no one is immune from this, the most important thing is not to dig, do not dig a hole in your head, but just take it, ”says the gymnast.

And finally, the Tokyo men’s team final. Nerves to the limit. Exit to the projectile – for this he endured so much pain.

“The first tear I let out was when Arthur jumped into the board. For me it was a direct blow, I realized that everything, we have no way back, we have no right not to win today, ”said Nikita Nagorny.

With the strength of his spirit, Arthur inspired the entire team, which took their toll at the Olympics.

“I don’t feel like a hero, I just gave my 100 percent, didn’t listen to anyone, didn’t adhere to anything, listened only to my heart, worked. And, of course, many thanks to everyone who supported me, ”the gymnast thanks.

They performed real feats when it got dark in the eyes, when the body refused to go forward. Having become the best on the planet, Olympic champions don’t like to talk about their pain. Only when it is very difficult, they can share it with those closest to you.

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