Benz Korea’s new S-class priced at KRW 140.6 million, 218.6 million won

-Composed of 4 products, scheduled to be released this spring

Mercedes-Benz Korea unveiled the 7th generation S-Class lineup and price on the 3rd.

There are four new S-classes scheduled to be released in Korea: S350d, S400d 4-matic, S500 4-matic, and S580 4-matic. The standard price for individual consumption tax cuts is S350d 140.6 million won, S400d 4matics 160.6 million won, S500 4matics 188.6 million won, and S580 4matics 218.6 million won.

The appearance of the 7th-generation S-Class is refined by adopting the new design language of Mercedes. In particular, it has a short front overhang on the side, a long wheelbase, and a balanced rear overhang to show the perfect proportion. The front part has a raised radiator grill and a small headlight design. The rear part is finished with a rear light with precise design and some animation effects applied.

The interior has enhanced digital and intelligent. Convenient functions can be easily controlled with up to 5 large screen displays including partially applied OLED technology. It provides two head-up displays as optional items and supports augmented reality contents. Various attempts for personalization and intuitive function manipulation also stand out. The voice recognition control device further enhanced the learning and conversation functions by activating the online service of the’Mercedes Me’ app. Some functions, such as answering a phone call, can be executed without a call keyword. In addition, innovative technologies such as a massage function through a motor in the optional seat cushion and resonance transmission of the Boomer sound system are incorporated.

The chassis features a rear axle steering that provides a steering angle of up to 10 degrees, and a 48V-based fully active E-active body control suspension. Among the safety items, the new pre-safe impulse side can lift the vehicle body by up to 80 mm in milliseconds by utilizing the E-active buddy control suspension when the radar sensor detects a side impact. This increases the door position and absorbs more impact energy.

The new S class is expected to be officially released in Korea this spring. In the future, Mercedes-Benz Korea will also introduce the S-Class, which applies the high-performance brand AMG and the luxury brand Maybach.

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