BIAF2022, October 21st Opening Ceremony Singer-songwriter Lee Moo-jin is invited! :Gyeonggi IN (Only one way of Jeong theory)

▲ Moojin Lee (Photo provided by Big Planet Made Entertainment)

[경기IN=이지현 기자] The 24th Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF2022) invites singer-songwriter Lee Moo-jin to the opening ceremony celebration stage on October 21st to open the film festival together.

Lee Moo-jin debuted in 2018 with ‘Walk’, 2020 [싱어게인-무명가수전]He made his name and face known in earnest while appearing as singer number 63 in the show. She captured the public’s attention at once by showing off her fresh arrangement, guitar playing, and her outstanding singing skills through broadcasting. After her release as a singer-songwriter, her ‘traffic light’ and ‘task song’, etc., once again drew public sympathy with her hyper-realistic lyrics and caused a lot of discussion. She and She also participated in the OST of the animated feature film ‘Pupel in Chimney Village’, directed by Yusuke Hirota, which was released in 2021. After she saw the movie, she wrote the lyrics herself and sang the ending song with her unique charming voice.

BIAF said, “Director Yusuke Hirota, who was selected as the judge for this year’s feature film competition, will attend the opening ceremony, and singer-songwriter Mujin Lee prepares the ending OST of Yusuke Hirota’s masterpiece ‘Pupel in Chimney Village’ as the last song of the opening celebration. Therefore, the opening ceremony of BIAF2022 will be a splendid and meaningful event.”

The opening ceremony of BIAF2022 will be held on the first floor of the screening hall of the Korean Manga Museum at 6 pm on October 21st, and will be held for five days in Bucheon City until the 25th.

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