BIC Festival in Caorle: beyond the boundaries of reality

When the cosplayers arrive, reality takes on the contours of a fairy tale or rather, of a cartoon. It also happened in Caorle with the third edition of the Bic Festival.

The BIC Festival

For two days, the San Francesco Village in Caorle has been transformed into an imaginary town, populated by strange characters, superheroes and toy dolls. It is the world of comics and video game cosplay, to which the BIC Festival has offered the most suitable stage.

Cosplayers are not just kids: in reality, it is a phenomenon that crosses several generations, as witnessed by Gerardo alias Red Guardian, Captain of the Great Red Army.

Face to face with a cosplayer

Who are you?

“I’m Red Guardian, also known as Alexei Shostakov, captain of the Great Red Army. “

And when are you not wearing this costume?

“Out of costume I’m Gerardo Giove, I’ve been a cosplayer for many years. I play several characters: Hagrid, Leonardo da Vinci, Obi Wan Kenobi. Even Santa Claus! “

How long have you been a cospalyer?

“For 7 years, I discovered this passion at the age of 50.”

Where do you come from?

“I come from Vaerese and today I am also here to promote a small project that I developed together with a dear friend of mine who is a writer. It’s called “Cosplay ability” and we want to ensure that people with disabilities also have access to this beautiful world. “

Dioramas what a passion

Guest of honor of this third edition of the BIC Festivale, Vanessa Capitini, known for her miniature creations: the dioramas.

“The dioramas are representations of any scene you can think of, created and painted by hand according to the customer’s request. Usually I get an image, usually screenshots of movies, TV series, comics or drawings made by the client himself. Then we agree on the scale on which to make it happen. I start from 1:18 and go up to 1: 3, but you can create very small or large sets, as in the case of shops. The only thing I remain firm on is quality: I only use hand-made products, I don’t use 3D printers. “

We explain to a person who wants to approach this world how to do it.

“First of all, we must not make a mistake in choosing the material: polystyrene, which is fragile, is never used. Instead, xps polystyrene is used, which is light but compact and therefore to be preferred. From this then we go to create everything that is on the diorama. “

“My style wants to be real, as faithful as possible to reality. This is why I try to bring everything back to the smallest detail with shades of color and depth of engraving. For example in the diorama of ‘They Call Me Trinity’ I aged the wood and ruined the wall of the saloon because that’s how it looked in the film. “

The word to the organizer

Satisfied for the lively explosion of imagination that invaded Caorle, including Micheal Brioschi Guinet.

“In this third edition we have seen an exploit. We hosted a lot of characters in the cosplay contest that took place on Saturday night, but there were a lot of people who tried their hand at cosplay for the first time. It is a fantastic art, made of fun and imagination, you just have to let yourself go. We also have some structural innovations: the medieval area with Once upone a time games, made of wood. Then there is always ours artist alley, with established designers and new promises exhibiting their masterpieces. I’m here in the company of Cristiano Malgioglio and professor Maria Rosa Petolicchio, from the reality show ‘Il Collegio’. We greet you and look forward to seeing you next year for BIC 2022 ″.

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